Pink Panther Magazine is part of the wonderful RedBubble community. It is a group for feminists and will celebrate all art and writing that reflects the feminist issues of women in our 2010 environment. We want it to be both stimulating and fun.

Feminism has had a bad press over the past two decades, and so the group was formed to provide a watering hole for all women who are concerned about the issues that face us today. It is a place where it is safe to explore ideas, discuss all things pertaining to our lives and to have some fun whilst doing this. It’s intention too, was to give a voice to women through the promotion of their art and writing.

There are Forums where we can submit links to poetry and literature. A Cafe to relax and chill, – or simply let off steam. It is a place for discussion and debate. There is, of course a Gallery for feminist art.

The magazine is available in a new form from two sources:

Magcloud (you can order a printed copy of the magazine)

The magazine is published every 2 months and contains fabulous art and writing from the group, plus articles and much, much more.

warm wishes
Anna , Jenifer and Sybille

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  1. My friend was had some of her work in the mag. & posted ion her facebook. I am so glad that she did or otherwise I’d have never heard of it. & that would have been a true tragedy. What a wonderful thing you have done here. Simply beautiful. A.K.Sousa


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