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Embrace Yourself - Portrait Features - 23/11/2011

Looking at the images that have come in recently I noticed a lot of self portraits and emotive portraits, which led to my decision for an all image feature. (Don’t worry poets, I’ll do an all writing feature next time – if I don’t forget). The interesting thing about the potraits I found is that they all explore different aspects of ‘woman’ and the large range of emotions and thought that seems to make us ‘woman’. Seeing them all together it’s impressive, all the things that make us and I wanted to share it with you and celebrate the woman in me and all of you. :-)

A lighthearted, playful start. There’s a little girl in all of us, often in hiding… Time to let it out to play.

sleep anywhere by © photoleonne

And there is potential inside us, just waiting for the right conditions to hatch.
Hatchling by © Agent7

Often we reside in the shadows and our light cannot easily be seen.
SMOKESCREEN 4 by © Tammera

And our most valuable attributes are seen as handicaps.
Intelligence by © strawberries

…and we wish for someone, anyone to look deeper and see what more there is..
Look Into My Eyes by © mermanda

There’s magic in us…
Bewitch by © Heather King

and we’re always ready to reinvent ourselves.
Every you and every me by © annacuypers

You will find light and dark…
Stark Contrast by © Lissie Rustage

and suffering in silence.
IN SILENCE by © kasia ikasia GVANTSA-L

We remember and feel…
remember me. by © Jessica Islam Lia

and sometimes we are blind to everything around us.
Im blinded by the daisies in your yard by © madworld

We are all of that and more…
Kiss by © MissMoselle

and acceptance of whatever makes us unique is special and far too often not forthcoming.
Don’t forget to to congratulate your fellow artists and help us celebrate and spread the joy.

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Featured Artist - November 2011 - Dorina Costras

Pink Panther Magazine’s November 2011 Feature Artist
dorina costras

Dorina Costras is Pink Panther Magazine’s November Feature Artist. Dorina studied decorative arts before working as a designer and a teacher of fine arts. She currently resides in Bacau, Romania where she collaborates with decorating companies as an indoor designer and of course, she paints.
The mood that Dorina’s art evokes is enigmatic. It presents a certain peace and calm despite the storm. There is a feminine strength that extends beyond the canvas with the power to change the atmosphere. The facial expressions and haunting depth she infuses into the eyes of her subjects demonstrate the dynamics of woman’s loss of innocence and quest to succeed despite her obstacles. There is a grace present in her art that is absent of sickly-sweetness, and a courage that rises above the title of victim. All of these qualities, as they blend together, infuse her art with a romantic sense of hope and promise—the romantic sense translating as a dream-filled heart that never ceases to believe.

Through the magic of electronic exposure, Dorina has managed to gain an international following. It’s encouraging and exciting to stroll through her Internet portfolios and see how well recognised and received her art is amongst art lovers, and even more exciting to see how diligent she is in showing her gratitude and appreciation to these followers—despite the language barriers she has to navigate in order to do so. ~Jenifer DeBellis

I am an artist among many others in Romania … one who just wants to convey upon canvas feelings, emotions, and other elements interpreted in fantasy themes. My art is also about things that are beautiful and sensitive…spiritual experiences that only a woman can feel. Therefore “she” is the main character in my art. I could never know if a man feels the same way, which is why I always prefer not to deviate from this theme of self-knowledge.
In my option, the term Feminism has several levels of perception. Although the main character in my art is woman, I am not extremely “adept of feminism.” Feminism, from my view, is when you’re on the side of women. I hate discrimination and I believe that feminism was often understood in terms of tradition, “the side” regardless of gender, race, culture. Feminism has been seen differently by many authors as an “ideology of modernization” and I agree with this. If we talk about feminism, strictly in the area of art, such an objection to the current feminist movement is based on the inabilities creative women encounter, because as we know, genius is almost exclusively male. Although far fewer in number than men, female scientists exist, female artists exist, but everyone wonders why there is almost no female composers. If I had to judge fairly regarding feminine participation in the culture, I think we need to examine the historical conditions of that period. Woman’s vocation is related to society, but for humanity and its field of action is not civilization, but “culture.”
My conclusion is that I recognize myself as a feminist but my boundaries cannot upset those who are against feminism.
I have no doubt in being attracted to painting ever since I was little. I do not remember my first drawings (which probably were on the walls of the house). When I was very small, witnesses for my actions have always been my parents and brothers, who even now do not cease to remind me about funny little stories about my earlier artwork. Later, I decided that art, namely painting, would be my main extra-occupation. I was able to sit for hours and draw everything I could think of. I remember one day when I was stubborn and set on painting in the yard. The wind blew terribly and all my sketches were flying. I think I was about 8 years old.
When I reached a sufficient age to realize what I wanted to do in life, I was sure that art was my great love, without which I would not feel fulfilled. So I followed the study of art, and since the age of 20, I have worked in this field. My first job was that of fashion designer in a clothing factory. Then I also worked as professor of art education for many years. Now most of my time is spent at my easel.
For me art is creation. Art is a daily challenge, a means of expression and sensuality. It is its own force, its own lifestyle, with its own means of spirit. It’s originality and passion, grace and femininity, and last but not at least—even if it sounds rude—it’s my source of existence. I have no doubt that I could have another occupation and that my life would have been better. I am absolutely convinced that my place is at my easel, where I find my calmness and inner peace. Here I can express myself at my best. Here I can expose my dreams and imagination on canvas. My art is like an open window to a lot of dreams, a personal journal without words. I was always attracted to fantasy themes, and to learn how to polish up my style lasted a good period of time. Lately the style and presentation of my pieces is sufficiently uniform as to say that I found myself in it and that is exactly what I wanted to convey.
I paint from imagination and a favorite theme I revert to again and again is costumes and masks of carnival, as well as a fantastic universe with the atmosphere of the story away from our days. As far as art subjects go, I alternate between them depending on my mood and inspiration in the moment. Those that influence my creativity most are romance, fantasy, dreams, love, life…
There are many themes that I have developed in a series over 12 or more works. The series I love the most is the “Impossible Love” series in which the main characters are the Sun and the Moon. They live out a love story in 14 images following the theme of different perspectives of a love killed by two soul mates, a dance of fate, an illusion of retrieval, only to find that love is like an eclipse, or a cosmic minuet, etc. Then there is the series “Constellations” where I personified the zodiac signs, each of them taking the form of a woman with earthly features, but with astral powers. There’s also the series “Whispers” in which each of the works suggest a small part of my feelings and emotions.
In my art there is always a message. Sometimes the message is clear, sometimes it’s subtle, and will depend on how the viewer perceives and understands the piece. Art is meant to be played with and each art lover has the right to do so.
As far as which artists have influenced me, there are too many to enumerate them. Many artists will always have a special place in my mind. Given that everything for this interview was about feminism, I want to start with Tamara De Lempicka, whose work has always fascinated me. Also, one of my first favorites is Degas—I’ve liked his art from the first moment I discovered his special ballerinas, which have given me relaxation watching them. Dali’s imagination and exciting creativity are something I admire. And I will always remember the impressions left by the sculptor Brancusi and painter Grigorescu, two Romanian geniuses, knowing their art you cannot help but love them.
For now, I can say that I want very much to expose my art abroad, as well as locally. My last exhibition in another country was six years ago. I’ve had 10 solo exhibitions to date in Romania, and now I wish, like any artist, to exhibit in a well-known gallery, and of course I desire my work will have a good impact, and will provoke positive reactions. In the long run, figuratively speaking, I want my art to receive a following that spans as far away as possible. And if it is not possible, then at the very least, where I deserve.
I’ve never said when I finished a work “this is my favorite painting of all.” It’s like when you have more children and love them all equally. I can just say “yes, this is done better than others.” There is a small regret I experience every time a painting of mine goes to another house. But the feeling is balanced by the satisfaction that someone loves my work and that that work is admired and it is placed in a suitable location, for which it was created. I love all the works that I am surrounded by, yet I understand art is made to be shown and shared. And I experience huge satisfaction when art lovers sincerely appreciate my art.

There’s a shudder that runs through woman’s emotional revelation as her seasonal landscape shifts. It balances upon the threshold of complete abandonment and her momentary reflection of yesterday’s former glory. Yes, it’s okay to let go.
Magnolia’s silence

Nobility, loving acceptance, beloved endearment to nature are just a few of the qualities that capture the strength in such silent perseverance.
Daisies… and doubts

The feeling that follows the loss of innocence, the graceful gentleness despite the fall, the day’s eye that closes upon the night as survival are all equal contributors to the levels of uncertainty woman must learn to filter through.
How long do butterflies live

The metamorphosis of the butterfly renders it unreconisable at the conclusion of the transformation process. Such a profound soul shift surely must leave an everlasting impression, one of beauty and awe.
Broken wings — (Nymph3)

“The leaves grown dark
By the autumn wind fall
Cover the ground,
Cover your body,
The wrapping of your being
That hides your true ego.
The warm dew of your eyes flows,
Nothing is there to wait for her,
It gets lost in the void,
Nothing needs their torpor.
Glitter in the sun
That passes through your body
And immerses it in candid dazzle,
The night is coming, the Orient is dancing,
Whirling in his veils, voluptuous dance
Wraps the world.
.And the wood that contains you,
Oh my goddess. And all is mystery,
Possible enigma, incomprehensible fear.”
Pendency — from “Impossible Love” Series

Gothica – The Pure Nymph lyrics
To live is to find oneself at one time or another upon a scene with a tightrope, wondering if such a moment paints the individual as puppet or puppeteer.
Peacock mask

What can be said of the exquisite, intricate masks woman fashions for safe hiding?
The story of frozen dreams

It wouldn’t be an authentic journey if there weren’t a few frozen dreams along the path.

When you wish upon dandelions your dreams really do come true.
Glissando — World of Illusions

Woman’s emotional balance glides between the extremes of those two distinct notes: perception often acting as her personal guide.
When a dream has colored wings

Adagio — Sentimental Confusion

Her exaggerated, self-indulgent nostalgia slows the tempo, intensifying the illusions.
The last dance

Just one more spin to dull the pain, one more chance to feel alive again.
Earthly feeling

Somewhere between heaven and earth, the colour of her emotional landscape are a kaleidoscope backdrop for every dynamic element that makes her the strong yet vulnerable woman she is.
Deja vu

See Me - All of Me - Features - 09/11/2011

As women we yearn to reveal our true selves to the world. We want others to see us for who we truly are. Because we are afraid that we are not good enough, we so often hide our true selves behind our clothes, our make-up, our emotional veils and our need to please. In doing so we are at risk of loosing that very essence of self that makes us unique and special and we can end up feeling trapped and bound.
This theme is portrayed so beautifully here through art and poetry with the strong message that change is down to ourselves.
We long to be seen in our entirety…

See Me, All of Me © by Christina Rodriguez
“There is in every true woman’s heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.” – Unknown

But so often we hide behind our emotion veils, afraid to show our souls…

Behind the veil: a feminine condition © by Moon Black
“A sight. A lady behind a veil. An intense interior portrait of a feminine state and condition, not ever free or understood. A feeling expressed through an exterior aestetic, nostalgic forties attitude.” Moon Black

Su2anne powerfully describes those feelings that build up when we cannot express or be ourselves…

The agony of being © by Su2anne
I shall go
Insane even
If I do not stop!
I push my thumbs
Into my lids
A light show
Is all I get for my
I jump up
And run hard on the spot.
Maybe a littte
Breathless for my
But do I dare
At the top of my
That wouldn’t be
So I pace the apartment
A caged lioness
My imaginary tail
A low growl
In the back
Of my throat.
But What can I
Get free?
These bonds
Are of my own
This glass ceiling
My own
Each time
That I think
That I’m
I realize
I’m in a matrix
And no
How far I
This agony
Will go on
For it is

We need to shed our leaves and be proud of our own inner beauty.

Natural Beauty © by Sandra Bauser Digital Art

We need to find the strength within to be proud and stand tall.

amen © by ShadowDancer
silent rock
sitting on my window sill
next to half-forgotten sea shells
and melted lilac candles
you look like all the world
smashed into one tiny circular pebble
please give to me the ability
to hold the weight of
more than myself on my back
without crumbling

We need to look at ourselves with integrity and honesty.

Echo © by Cynthia Lund Torroll

And to recognise the goodness of others.

Mirror, mirror © by Vesna VD
“Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is the most happy of all?”
Oh I ‘m sorry dear
I wouldn’t know
Happy people have a special glow
Which I don’t know how to reflect
I’ve heard of a way the happiness to detect
Look in the eye
of the one you love
And try to see more than “I”

We need to be able to have a voice and make ourselves heard.

As a woman I have no country. As a woman my country is the whole world. Virginia Woolf © by Jessica Islam Lia

We need to peel away those layers and layers that keep us hidden and find the strength in the core within.

The Onion Architecture © by Ushna Sardar
neither tired nor hyper
felt sedated, but not sleepy nor tired
i am neither fish nor fowl
neither tarnished nor afraid
only as strong as it’s weakest
quiet as a mouse
singing the blues
peeling the onion
as skin upon skin, fortification upon fortification
peeling away another layer
a core that’s buried beneath
like an opening one’s eyes & letting some fresh air in
singular breakable encapsulation
as a stereotyped and hackneyed
I angrily say chaff
rejecting a given unwanted layer
a sluggish stream
has been finding brightness of hue
think to the cliché of the day
neither quiet nor peaceful… nor chuffed
Hard as it is to become a separate self
I tried hard get to the centre of an onion
walked under the moon by the sea shore
hadn’t time to put my feet up and catch forty winks
being have feet of clay
took a hike in the woods
a paradox, rung in my ears
hung the moon and stars
I hemmed and hawed and finally admitted taking the advantage
finding the way to reveal my essential humanness
there is no centre?
Am I awful stuck-up?
I think I’m God’s own cousin
layer upon layer of mystique with no certain end
deemed the central truth has no lasting value
peeling away layers of the onion
I’ve found that there’s no centre
It’s the journey to the core that makes the tease

We need to let our integrity shine through.

Identity © by hollyspirit

To be ourselves with those we love.

When You Are Gone, Who am I ? © by Laura Broussard
The sun that shimmers on the
autumn leaves,
have a melancholy feeling.
Dying and decay,
as the leaves fall……….
……. one by one.
Another year passes.
The heat of the sunshine,
kissed with a cool air……….
…….. It’s tangeable,
yet, untangeable feeling of loneliness.
in that cool breeze………
kissing my tears as they fall…. down my cheeks.
Maybe, that’s why they call it,
“Seasonal Disorder.”
Things slow down.
People die………………
It always feels lonelier,
as night falls earlier,
and morning wakes darker.
The blue jays spar,
and, the crows and ravens caw.
And, I sit here with pen and paper…………
trying to catch it all……………
Into my heart,
it’s all just a part,
of the season changing,
and people dying,
and children being born,
and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
missing those departed,
and those who may be “missing.”
I ask myself,
‘When you are gone,…….. Who am I ?’
October 29, 2011.

And not to allow ourselves to be be another’s puppet.

The Puppet © by shall

I hope you have enjoyed these features as much as I have enjoyed finding them. Please spend a few moments in congratulating our fabulous artists and writers.

Pink Panther Magazine 14 is out

PPM’s Issue 14 is now available for purchase. Follow the links below to check out and/or purchase this issue filled with an extraordinary collection of art and writing that inspires. On behalf of Team Panther it was my pleasure to prepare and present this issue. I hope the pages come alive for you as they have for me. ~Jenifer DeBellis

Woman’s journey is one of personal growth, exploration, and pushing through the mists of the unknown. Somewhere beyond the veil’s limits is a world full of challenges and choices that woman must face. The experiences that await her are filled with joy, trials, and even hardships—all with their own variations of life lessons. And as she lives, loves and learns, she will overcome vanities, as well as endless disappointments and triumphs in order to build strength. Throughout life, most women will arrive at a place where they have to put their own needs into storage—even at peril of losing touch with them indefinitely. Recovering and rediscovering these lost or displaced parts add a whole other dimension to each woman’s life journey.

Pink Panther Magazine—Issue 14
  • Available for sale through MagCloud.
  • Preview only version can be found at Calameo.

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Negative Space - Features - 02/11/2011

Looking through the art and writing that has come in recently I wondered about all the darkness and the willingness we show to explore it. There are so many shades of (dark) grey that affect us and it’s interesting how differently we deal with those negative emotions that keep us down and low. It seems to me the way we embrace them is something positive in itself, there’s bravery and courage to accept what is, to look the dragon in the eye and dare it to swallow us. I thought this daring attitude is deserving of a little exploration. :-)

Haven’t we all felt like this now and again – awash with the rain, inside and out.

Rainy day woman by © Jessica Islam Lia

When we were young and didn’t know any better (if we were lucky), the skies were always blue and full of music.

Down, Down, Down by © Jascie Epinn
Sometimes I just rise up
Into the vibrant blue sky
The sky from my memories
And sail across the sky
Pass through wave of November
And look about at the things I did
When I was 7 years old
My pink, plaid shorts
The music I listened to
That had no lyrics
But those wishy, washy riffs
Said everything that I would say in 10 years
Everything I would mean
None of anything was true
And I loved the lie, I loved the lie.
Back then, I took what I was told and I made it alright.
I loved to scrape and scratch,
I loved two dollars because it was just enough
For what I wanted from the store.
Late nights that I stayed up against my parents’ wishes,
Watching violent anime on television
And cursing my body when I finally drifted to sleep.
Nothing irritated me more than prematurely falling asleep.
Now I only wish I could fall asleep.
Without that music in the background. That hip, danceable music
That goes, “Down, down, down”
As if, it all goes down from here
But you’ll get so high just thinking about
How satisfied I was, with my feet on the ground
And my head up to that blue sky
Those times will never be again
But I’ll get so high just thinking about them
We all just fell from the sky
We all just fell from this beautiful, blue sky
We all just fell from favor
We all just hit the ground

And sometimes we’re blue and no one sees and the next the day we’re the colours of the rainbow, maybe.

Today i’m the colour you see, Tomorrow who knows what i’ll be !!! by © lovemexxx

A good night’s rest sometimes is hard to come by and all that’s needed is to keep the monsters at bay.

A remedy by © su2anne
Though I drink my tonic
Named ‘Serenity.’
My night’s are filled
With clocks
And ghosts.
I yearn for a good
Nights’ rest.
It alludes me…
For time
Has been and gone
Though I am
Yet to sleep.
There is nothing
To be done.
Be quiet
Be still!
Return you devils
From my past.
And let me slumber

There’s also the monster inside us and sometimes it needs to be let loose.

Black widow hungry by © KERES Jasminka

The things we’d do if we could.

Spinning Wheel Dreams by © RC deWinter
And who wouldn’t want to spin straw into gold?
Not gold for the king or the market;
not the gold of the greedy or the powerful;
but the gold of imagination, of vision, of love,
for one’s own soul alone.
What a mantle of wonder one could weave
if the gift of Rumpelstiltskin were so easily mastered!
It’s an elusive alchemy, but it can be done, I know it;
every day I sit at my wheel, set my spindle and spin.
Some fine day I will see the straw of my life transfigure
as it passes through my fingers
and shine with the magick of the possible.

And the gifts we do without.

a flower without her petals by © strawberries

Deep down we know this shall pass, too.

My Smile Will Always Be by © moonlover
Nothing can change what we are inside……….

There’s a smile inside
my core waiting to come out
However the hurt….
There’s a smile inside
Like the sun at daybreak
waiting to come out
However the hurt. ..
It is the nature of ‘sun’ to give light
Darkness never prevails,
Light overcomes.

Even if the hurt tears us to shreds.

Hurt by © annacuypers

There’s always a dream to keep us afloat.

Strings by © Vesna VD
To float
Looking for the strings
Invisible balloons
That will take me there
To float
Closing the eyes
Finding the bridges
That will take me there
To float
Giving myself in
Loosing the inertia
That keeps me here
To float
I’m a balloon
Hold on to my string
Let’s fly away

And there are other worlds and other dimensions to explore.

Scalar Dimention by © Agent7

One day we’ll look back and realise that we mastered this hurdle and that and we’re much further along and the tools experience has given us will help us further along the way.

Wormhole journey (2009) by © msdebbie
I fear I’ll never find my place;
I am battling time and space,
A paradimensional race
Between such lonely wormholes.
Not even light can make it through,
But must we believe that is true?
Negative matter could act like glue;
I’m drawn to the Einstein-Rosen bridge.
My heart fears taking what it can get,
Such behaviour makes we weak with regret.
I forsake actions that leave me bereft,
Suggest you run away, chase yourself.
Yes, a new day is coming; I am free.
I refuse your suffering; embrace reality.
Surrender to no-one; live blissfully.
Your promises were lies; regain honesty.

I hope you enjoyed today’s dark journey, although, I hope it was a trip through the dark towards the light. Please don’t forget to congratulate the artists and poets if you enjoyed their work.

Liberty - The Freedom to Chose - Features - 26/10/2011

Inspired by the thought-provoking image by catrinarno, the features this week are all around the concept of the freedom to chose. Freedom to chose who and what we are; the freedom to explore all aspects of ourselves and our creativity; the freedom to chose our friends and to be able to spend quality time with them; The freedom to make mistakes and learn from them; The freedom to explore our world without chains.
In this beautiful image, Catrin encourages us to let the little bird within spread its wings and fly.

Liberty © by Catrin Welz-Stein

Lilynoelle encourages us to contemplate the power of witches and ravens, both symbols of struggle, power and liberty to be who we want to be

Secrets of Samhain © by lilynoele
Three ravens stalk the restless, darkling night,
old magick hidden in their cryptic voice;
three goddesses of wise ancestral Might
weave spells around their candles’ magicked light.
The veil thins betwixt the In-between
allowing spirits entry to our world;
and in the shadows, with a phosphorus gleam,
enchantment of the harvest gently swirls.
Now messages beyond the veil appear
delivered by the spells of Witch and Crow:
secrets of the underworld’s Seers –
secrets we were never meant to know.
Three ravens haunt the decorated shrine:
an altar to the wonder of Samhain.
An hourglass records the passing time;
three orbs divine the fate our days will meet –
will they be ripe as pomegranate wine,
some hours bitter and some hours sweet?
Illuminated by the hallowed night
a Book of Shadows marks our destiny
with symbols used in antiquated Rites:
apple-scrying, chant, and alchemy.
One night, one night before the magick’s through;
one evening yet, so make the hours long!
We’ll talk of how the witches danced and flew
singing to the ravens’ ghostly song.
A full moon sinks into a golden day;
the witches and the ravens fly

““And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” hennagoddess
In this vibrant image from HennaGoddess, we are urged to set ourselves free from the inner obstacles which stop us realising our full selves.

And the day came when the risk to …….. © by HennaGoddess

In this thoughtful essay, Rookwood Studio shares her thoughts about being female and the chains with which be bind ourselves.

Glorious Queens and Slave Girls © by Rookwood Studio
Marianne Williamson wrote …..more women cry, loudly or silently, every fraction of every moment, in every town of every country, than anyone-man or woman-realizess. We cry for our children, our lives, our parents and ourselves. We cry in shame because we feel we have no right to cry, and we cry in peace because we feel it’s time we did cry. We cry in moans and we cry in great yelps. We cry for the world. Yet we think we cry alone.
Being female and wiccan can be hard. As I walk through my town, with my eyes wide open, I sense the pain in the crowd. I walk past the court house and see women sitting on the steps, fear in their eyes, as I stand at the shops I see Burka clad women hang their head in shame, as I sit with my friends listening to them talk about on-line dating, I feel their pain. I was like that once, desperate, ashamed and too scared to move.
As I sit with my child and partner I thank the universe for allowing me peace, but as I sit there I wonder why others haven’t crawled out of their pain. I share my experience, I hold out my hand to lift others out of the mire, but still they sit and fester. I try not to stand in judgement, but it still breaks my heart. Women don’t need a man to complete them, they are complete just the way they are.
We complain that men are insensitive users, despise others who find happiness and overindulge to keep down our pain. Until we learn to love ourselves and not be our own harshest critic we will never stand happy with our heads held high. Too often as we struggle to survive we wish for someone to come and save us, when until we save ourselves and be happy in our own skin, will someone who can truly love us come along. Do we really want someone to come along in our moment of weakness and say, yes, you are pathetic but I can save you?
Women settle with snakes, just for the company, when if we were true to ourselves we would identify it as a snake and cross the road. Too often I see women stuck to a computer screen desperate for the next guy to come along, when their dreams sit idle, unfulfilled. There is no second chance, time does not stand still and if we sit waiting we will miss fulfilling our dreams. Until you embrace your dreams, your loves, your passion you will never feel alive, never truly achieve and you will be stuck in the cycle of self abuse.
All you are ever dealing with is a thought and a thought can be changed. What you think about constantly will come to you… if you sit there and think I am not worthy, I am not good enough, you’ll get that experience ten fold. Most days all I want to do is yell at the crowd “WAKE UP”. We are the prettiest we can be right now, worthy – right now, capable – right now. Imagine if all the women in the world stood up and realised they matter, they are complete…..court houses would be empty, on-line predators would not exist and families would be happy and whole.
You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Some days I’d like to get a straw and force that horse to drink. Could I shut my eyes and ignore all the pain? No, for then I wouldn’t be living my dream, living as a wiccan artist, dancing in the sunshine, eyes wide open. I just pray that one day you see.
Many of you will know and understand my feelings about fairy wings, or women portrayed as fairies. However, this poignant image from Christina gives a completely different message and I love it. In Christina’s own words…
“I became inspired by one of my favorite books and movies. ‘Sybil’. If your not familiar with either, I recommend reading the book first. The freedom Sybil struggled with her life from herself…I can relate and understand.
For me, I cannot help but look back sometimes…”

Embracing This Freedom of Mine © by Christina Rodriguez

R C deWinter claims her life as her own, free to chose, free to explore and discover. It is short, succinct and very powerful.

i wait for no one © by R C deWinter
i wait for no one
time and tide wait for no man, so they say.
i believe it.
i will wait for no man myself.
either take my hand and run, hatless, into the wind
or let me go discover what lies out there in the dark alone.
my freedom will be my lantern,
and i am not afraid.

Renate always seems to hit the nail on the head with her insightful art. Here she is celebrating the freedom to let your inner child shine through.

My inner child….. © by Renate Dartois

Moonlover embraces the light and smiles at her own freedom.

My Smile Will Always Be © by moonlover

Nothing can change what we are inside……….
There’s a smile inside
my core waiting to come out
However the hurt….
There’s a smile inside
Like the sun at daybreak
waiting to come out
However the hurt. ..
It is the nature of ‘sun’ to give light
Darkness never prevails,
Light overcomes.
~ October 2011

I love this quirky and expressive image from wenzart, who is is clearly delighted to have her catch-up time with a close friend.

Catch-up Time © by wenzart

On a similar theme, this wonderful poem from su2anne.

Namaste © by su2anne
In this hot humid fragrance
Together we breath
This air.
Sounds shared
A hen clucking softly
The undertone of a motor coughing
All with the discourse between two friends.
Our feet dusty
The earth dry and bare.
Your head slightly bowed
with hands together
In prayer.
I look at you from afar
I wonder…
Where are you from?
Who are your family?
Is it comfort you seek?
Do your ancestors speak?
Though I see you
And write this verse
it is with the deepest respect.

A beautiful image from manana11 . “a woman symbolizing freedom of mind, thoughts and courage to face life difficulties.”

FREE © by Manana11

And to finish, an uplifting poem from Shelleybabe encouraging us to show our true colours.

Attached to me! © by shelleybabe2
There is an aura,
attached to me.
Which is invisible,
in which I cannot see.
I carry it around,
where ever I go.
Some people,
can see it.
Some people,
don’t know.
Don’t know,
that it’s there.
Until you show.
Show your true colours,
that’s when it will glow!

Congratulations to you all. I found your art and writing to be truly inspirational.

Seasons of the Mind, Body and Soul -- Features 13/10/2011

The sweetest aspects of autumn are in the air here in the States and I’m reminded about our mortal connection to the earth. My favourite time of this season is the evidence of life still clinging to the vine in an array of lush greenscape juxtaposed with the kaleidoscope of festive fall colours. No other time of the year produces such a massive canvas of visual stimulation in living colour.
Just as there are physical seasons, there are also mental, emotional, and psychological seasons. This week’s feature collection highlights these very seasons, exposing the beauty within the time-sensitive framework, and sometimes even the vulnerability of surrender or acceptance. I hope each piece moves you the way they have me. xox

And so we begin our journey with the seasons of the mind.

Seasons of the Mind by © Janis Zroback

Let us not forget the significance of the “unification of women and the earth.”

The Call by © Su2anne
You glide through the night
Frankincence and myrrh.
Hips swaying to the rythm
That is life.
Eyes closed
You call in the nightingales
With arms out stretched
You gather The Femimine
And hold them to your breast.
You provide succor
Transcending all that is possible
You merge with your foundlings
And Become one.
Tendrils reach out
Into the earth
Searching for others
Of your kind.
They are
Lust for life
And all that is exquisite
Fecund and knowing.
Minds race
Hearts murmour
Whispers can be heard.
The dreaming is complete.
Wake little ones
And embrace the night.
See that the enchantment
Is real.
You are one with The Mother.

There are some spirits who embody such a presence, that no matter what season they traverse traces of them can be found within the wind.

She’s Like the Wind by © Tammera

There is a reason to cling to hope, even in the most volatile seasons.

I’ll Fly One Day by © ArtPearl

There are others who are in tune with those around them with such intensity, they can even see the seasons in hiding.

A Living Looking Glass by © DeeLishess
I can see into your soul
If you let me…
Because your body language betrays you
With a nervous laugh
A shifting gaze
An innocuous folding of the arms
The way you hold your mouth when you look at me
My eyes gaze at you for a moment too long
And perhaps because they are wide enough
Or blue enough
Troubled or serene enough
For you to feel simultaneously connected to me
And that I’d never understand what you’ve been through
You squirm, thinking I’ve seen what I haven’t
And so you end up telling me what I see
You are my eyes, and I am your mirror
Invisible without feedback
And are you what you think I see?
I see you because you believed I would

For everything there is a due season; the time for truth is no exception.

She longed for beauty, I offered her truth by © Nicole McBride

There’s a time to dream in living colour…

When a dream has colored wings by © Dorina Costras

A time to eat the fruit of one’s future…

Facial Forest by © callmejulia
The braille of your face tells the story of my future.
In mossy detail I see my path unwinding.
My name is changed to Eden for I become a garden growing.
You eat fruit from my trees and we produce life.
Ever lasting
Ever evolving
Ever loving
And when the day comes that our physical beings are no more,
Your bones and marrow will nourish my soil.
A tree will grow from where you last stood.
And many years later as young lovers look at the sky
Through branches that spell out our names,
They will see their futures unfolding
In the braille of each others faces.

A time to watch and wait…

The Cabin by © ArtofMorgaine

A time to press through to freedom…

a way out by © jacqleen

A time to stand triumphantly and shout from the mountaintops…

WomanRoots by © RC deWinter
Unshakeable, rooted solidly in the flesh
of our Mother –
Earth –
I stand triumphant,
arms raised to the heavens,
and shout
“I am! I am! And always will be!”
No manmade avatar can replace me,
no laboratory invent me.
I am the source of life that populates the world
with the beings who will carry our legacy onward
to the farthest reaches of recorded time.

And a time to remain rooted to the earth.

My Abyss — with Victor Hugo Quote by © Lea Michelle