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Negative Space - Features - 02/11/2011

Looking through the art and writing that has come in recently I wondered about all the darkness and the willingness we show to explore it. There are so many shades of (dark) grey that affect us and it’s interesting how differently we deal with those negative emotions that keep us down and low. It seems to me the way we embrace them is something positive in itself, there’s bravery and courage to accept what is, to look the dragon in the eye and dare it to swallow us. I thought this daring attitude is deserving of a little exploration. :-)

Haven’t we all felt like this now and again – awash with the rain, inside and out.

Rainy day woman by © Jessica Islam Lia

When we were young and didn’t know any better (if we were lucky), the skies were always blue and full of music.

Down, Down, Down by © Jascie Epinn
Sometimes I just rise up
Into the vibrant blue sky
The sky from my memories
And sail across the sky
Pass through wave of November
And look about at the things I did
When I was 7 years old
My pink, plaid shorts
The music I listened to
That had no lyrics
But those wishy, washy riffs
Said everything that I would say in 10 years
Everything I would mean
None of anything was true
And I loved the lie, I loved the lie.
Back then, I took what I was told and I made it alright.
I loved to scrape and scratch,
I loved two dollars because it was just enough
For what I wanted from the store.
Late nights that I stayed up against my parents’ wishes,
Watching violent anime on television
And cursing my body when I finally drifted to sleep.
Nothing irritated me more than prematurely falling asleep.
Now I only wish I could fall asleep.
Without that music in the background. That hip, danceable music
That goes, “Down, down, down”
As if, it all goes down from here
But you’ll get so high just thinking about
How satisfied I was, with my feet on the ground
And my head up to that blue sky
Those times will never be again
But I’ll get so high just thinking about them
We all just fell from the sky
We all just fell from this beautiful, blue sky
We all just fell from favor
We all just hit the ground

And sometimes we’re blue and no one sees and the next the day we’re the colours of the rainbow, maybe.

Today i’m the colour you see, Tomorrow who knows what i’ll be !!! by © lovemexxx

A good night’s rest sometimes is hard to come by and all that’s needed is to keep the monsters at bay.

A remedy by © su2anne
Though I drink my tonic
Named ‘Serenity.’
My night’s are filled
With clocks
And ghosts.
I yearn for a good
Nights’ rest.
It alludes me…
For time
Has been and gone
Though I am
Yet to sleep.
There is nothing
To be done.
Be quiet
Be still!
Return you devils
From my past.
And let me slumber

There’s also the monster inside us and sometimes it needs to be let loose.

Black widow hungry by © KERES Jasminka

The things we’d do if we could.

Spinning Wheel Dreams by © RC deWinter
And who wouldn’t want to spin straw into gold?
Not gold for the king or the market;
not the gold of the greedy or the powerful;
but the gold of imagination, of vision, of love,
for one’s own soul alone.
What a mantle of wonder one could weave
if the gift of Rumpelstiltskin were so easily mastered!
It’s an elusive alchemy, but it can be done, I know it;
every day I sit at my wheel, set my spindle and spin.
Some fine day I will see the straw of my life transfigure
as it passes through my fingers
and shine with the magick of the possible.

And the gifts we do without.

a flower without her petals by © strawberries

Deep down we know this shall pass, too.

My Smile Will Always Be by © moonlover
Nothing can change what we are inside……….

There’s a smile inside
my core waiting to come out
However the hurt….
There’s a smile inside
Like the sun at daybreak
waiting to come out
However the hurt. ..
It is the nature of ‘sun’ to give light
Darkness never prevails,
Light overcomes.

Even if the hurt tears us to shreds.

Hurt by © annacuypers

There’s always a dream to keep us afloat.

Strings by © Vesna VD
To float
Looking for the strings
Invisible balloons
That will take me there
To float
Closing the eyes
Finding the bridges
That will take me there
To float
Giving myself in
Loosing the inertia
That keeps me here
To float
I’m a balloon
Hold on to my string
Let’s fly away

And there are other worlds and other dimensions to explore.

Scalar Dimention by © Agent7

One day we’ll look back and realise that we mastered this hurdle and that and we’re much further along and the tools experience has given us will help us further along the way.

Wormhole journey (2009) by © msdebbie
I fear I’ll never find my place;
I am battling time and space,
A paradimensional race
Between such lonely wormholes.
Not even light can make it through,
But must we believe that is true?
Negative matter could act like glue;
I’m drawn to the Einstein-Rosen bridge.
My heart fears taking what it can get,
Such behaviour makes we weak with regret.
I forsake actions that leave me bereft,
Suggest you run away, chase yourself.
Yes, a new day is coming; I am free.
I refuse your suffering; embrace reality.
Surrender to no-one; live blissfully.
Your promises were lies; regain honesty.

I hope you enjoyed today’s dark journey, although, I hope it was a trip through the dark towards the light. Please don’t forget to congratulate the artists and poets if you enjoyed their work.

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