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See Me - All of Me - Features - 09/11/2011

As women we yearn to reveal our true selves to the world. We want others to see us for who we truly are. Because we are afraid that we are not good enough, we so often hide our true selves behind our clothes, our make-up, our emotional veils and our need to please. In doing so we are at risk of loosing that very essence of self that makes us unique and special and we can end up feeling trapped and bound.
This theme is portrayed so beautifully here through art and poetry with the strong message that change is down to ourselves.
We long to be seen in our entirety…

See Me, All of Me © by Christina Rodriguez
“There is in every true woman’s heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.” – Unknown

But so often we hide behind our emotion veils, afraid to show our souls…

Behind the veil: a feminine condition © by Moon Black
“A sight. A lady behind a veil. An intense interior portrait of a feminine state and condition, not ever free or understood. A feeling expressed through an exterior aestetic, nostalgic forties attitude.” Moon Black

Su2anne powerfully describes those feelings that build up when we cannot express or be ourselves…

The agony of being © by Su2anne
I shall go
Insane even
If I do not stop!
I push my thumbs
Into my lids
A light show
Is all I get for my
I jump up
And run hard on the spot.
Maybe a littte
Breathless for my
But do I dare
At the top of my
That wouldn’t be
So I pace the apartment
A caged lioness
My imaginary tail
A low growl
In the back
Of my throat.
But What can I
Get free?
These bonds
Are of my own
This glass ceiling
My own
Each time
That I think
That I’m
I realize
I’m in a matrix
And no
How far I
This agony
Will go on
For it is

We need to shed our leaves and be proud of our own inner beauty.

Natural Beauty © by Sandra Bauser Digital Art

We need to find the strength within to be proud and stand tall.

amen © by ShadowDancer
silent rock
sitting on my window sill
next to half-forgotten sea shells
and melted lilac candles
you look like all the world
smashed into one tiny circular pebble
please give to me the ability
to hold the weight of
more than myself on my back
without crumbling

We need to look at ourselves with integrity and honesty.

Echo © by Cynthia Lund Torroll

And to recognise the goodness of others.

Mirror, mirror © by Vesna VD
“Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is the most happy of all?”
Oh I ‘m sorry dear
I wouldn’t know
Happy people have a special glow
Which I don’t know how to reflect
I’ve heard of a way the happiness to detect
Look in the eye
of the one you love
And try to see more than “I”

We need to be able to have a voice and make ourselves heard.

As a woman I have no country. As a woman my country is the whole world. Virginia Woolf © by Jessica Islam Lia

We need to peel away those layers and layers that keep us hidden and find the strength in the core within.

The Onion Architecture © by Ushna Sardar
neither tired nor hyper
felt sedated, but not sleepy nor tired
i am neither fish nor fowl
neither tarnished nor afraid
only as strong as it’s weakest
quiet as a mouse
singing the blues
peeling the onion
as skin upon skin, fortification upon fortification
peeling away another layer
a core that’s buried beneath
like an opening one’s eyes & letting some fresh air in
singular breakable encapsulation
as a stereotyped and hackneyed
I angrily say chaff
rejecting a given unwanted layer
a sluggish stream
has been finding brightness of hue
think to the cliché of the day
neither quiet nor peaceful… nor chuffed
Hard as it is to become a separate self
I tried hard get to the centre of an onion
walked under the moon by the sea shore
hadn’t time to put my feet up and catch forty winks
being have feet of clay
took a hike in the woods
a paradox, rung in my ears
hung the moon and stars
I hemmed and hawed and finally admitted taking the advantage
finding the way to reveal my essential humanness
there is no centre?
Am I awful stuck-up?
I think I’m God’s own cousin
layer upon layer of mystique with no certain end
deemed the central truth has no lasting value
peeling away layers of the onion
I’ve found that there’s no centre
It’s the journey to the core that makes the tease

We need to let our integrity shine through.

Identity © by hollyspirit

To be ourselves with those we love.

When You Are Gone, Who am I ? © by Laura Broussard
The sun that shimmers on the
autumn leaves,
have a melancholy feeling.
Dying and decay,
as the leaves fall……….
……. one by one.
Another year passes.
The heat of the sunshine,
kissed with a cool air……….
…….. It’s tangeable,
yet, untangeable feeling of loneliness.
in that cool breeze………
kissing my tears as they fall…. down my cheeks.
Maybe, that’s why they call it,
“Seasonal Disorder.”
Things slow down.
People die………………
It always feels lonelier,
as night falls earlier,
and morning wakes darker.
The blue jays spar,
and, the crows and ravens caw.
And, I sit here with pen and paper…………
trying to catch it all……………
Into my heart,
it’s all just a part,
of the season changing,
and people dying,
and children being born,
and Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
missing those departed,
and those who may be “missing.”
I ask myself,
‘When you are gone,…….. Who am I ?’
October 29, 2011.

And not to allow ourselves to be be another’s puppet.

The Puppet © by shall

I hope you have enjoyed these features as much as I have enjoyed finding them. Please spend a few moments in congratulating our fabulous artists and writers.

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