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Liberty - The Freedom to Chose - Features - 26/10/2011

Inspired by the thought-provoking image by catrinarno, the features this week are all around the concept of the freedom to chose. Freedom to chose who and what we are; the freedom to explore all aspects of ourselves and our creativity; the freedom to chose our friends and to be able to spend quality time with them; The freedom to make mistakes and learn from them; The freedom to explore our world without chains.
In this beautiful image, Catrin encourages us to let the little bird within spread its wings and fly.

Liberty © by Catrin Welz-Stein

Lilynoelle encourages us to contemplate the power of witches and ravens, both symbols of struggle, power and liberty to be who we want to be

Secrets of Samhain © by lilynoele
Three ravens stalk the restless, darkling night,
old magick hidden in their cryptic voice;
three goddesses of wise ancestral Might
weave spells around their candles’ magicked light.
The veil thins betwixt the In-between
allowing spirits entry to our world;
and in the shadows, with a phosphorus gleam,
enchantment of the harvest gently swirls.
Now messages beyond the veil appear
delivered by the spells of Witch and Crow:
secrets of the underworld’s Seers –
secrets we were never meant to know.
Three ravens haunt the decorated shrine:
an altar to the wonder of Samhain.
An hourglass records the passing time;
three orbs divine the fate our days will meet –
will they be ripe as pomegranate wine,
some hours bitter and some hours sweet?
Illuminated by the hallowed night
a Book of Shadows marks our destiny
with symbols used in antiquated Rites:
apple-scrying, chant, and alchemy.
One night, one night before the magick’s through;
one evening yet, so make the hours long!
We’ll talk of how the witches danced and flew
singing to the ravens’ ghostly song.
A full moon sinks into a golden day;
the witches and the ravens fly

““And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” hennagoddess
In this vibrant image from HennaGoddess, we are urged to set ourselves free from the inner obstacles which stop us realising our full selves.

And the day came when the risk to …….. © by HennaGoddess

In this thoughtful essay, Rookwood Studio shares her thoughts about being female and the chains with which be bind ourselves.

Glorious Queens and Slave Girls © by Rookwood Studio
Marianne Williamson wrote …..more women cry, loudly or silently, every fraction of every moment, in every town of every country, than anyone-man or woman-realizess. We cry for our children, our lives, our parents and ourselves. We cry in shame because we feel we have no right to cry, and we cry in peace because we feel it’s time we did cry. We cry in moans and we cry in great yelps. We cry for the world. Yet we think we cry alone.
Being female and wiccan can be hard. As I walk through my town, with my eyes wide open, I sense the pain in the crowd. I walk past the court house and see women sitting on the steps, fear in their eyes, as I stand at the shops I see Burka clad women hang their head in shame, as I sit with my friends listening to them talk about on-line dating, I feel their pain. I was like that once, desperate, ashamed and too scared to move.
As I sit with my child and partner I thank the universe for allowing me peace, but as I sit there I wonder why others haven’t crawled out of their pain. I share my experience, I hold out my hand to lift others out of the mire, but still they sit and fester. I try not to stand in judgement, but it still breaks my heart. Women don’t need a man to complete them, they are complete just the way they are.
We complain that men are insensitive users, despise others who find happiness and overindulge to keep down our pain. Until we learn to love ourselves and not be our own harshest critic we will never stand happy with our heads held high. Too often as we struggle to survive we wish for someone to come and save us, when until we save ourselves and be happy in our own skin, will someone who can truly love us come along. Do we really want someone to come along in our moment of weakness and say, yes, you are pathetic but I can save you?
Women settle with snakes, just for the company, when if we were true to ourselves we would identify it as a snake and cross the road. Too often I see women stuck to a computer screen desperate for the next guy to come along, when their dreams sit idle, unfulfilled. There is no second chance, time does not stand still and if we sit waiting we will miss fulfilling our dreams. Until you embrace your dreams, your loves, your passion you will never feel alive, never truly achieve and you will be stuck in the cycle of self abuse.
All you are ever dealing with is a thought and a thought can be changed. What you think about constantly will come to you… if you sit there and think I am not worthy, I am not good enough, you’ll get that experience ten fold. Most days all I want to do is yell at the crowd “WAKE UP”. We are the prettiest we can be right now, worthy – right now, capable – right now. Imagine if all the women in the world stood up and realised they matter, they are complete…..court houses would be empty, on-line predators would not exist and families would be happy and whole.
You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Some days I’d like to get a straw and force that horse to drink. Could I shut my eyes and ignore all the pain? No, for then I wouldn’t be living my dream, living as a wiccan artist, dancing in the sunshine, eyes wide open. I just pray that one day you see.
Many of you will know and understand my feelings about fairy wings, or women portrayed as fairies. However, this poignant image from Christina gives a completely different message and I love it. In Christina’s own words…
“I became inspired by one of my favorite books and movies. ‘Sybil’. If your not familiar with either, I recommend reading the book first. The freedom Sybil struggled with her life from herself…I can relate and understand.
For me, I cannot help but look back sometimes…”

Embracing This Freedom of Mine © by Christina Rodriguez

R C deWinter claims her life as her own, free to chose, free to explore and discover. It is short, succinct and very powerful.

i wait for no one © by R C deWinter
i wait for no one
time and tide wait for no man, so they say.
i believe it.
i will wait for no man myself.
either take my hand and run, hatless, into the wind
or let me go discover what lies out there in the dark alone.
my freedom will be my lantern,
and i am not afraid.

Renate always seems to hit the nail on the head with her insightful art. Here she is celebrating the freedom to let your inner child shine through.

My inner child….. © by Renate Dartois

Moonlover embraces the light and smiles at her own freedom.

My Smile Will Always Be © by moonlover

Nothing can change what we are inside……….
There’s a smile inside
my core waiting to come out
However the hurt….
There’s a smile inside
Like the sun at daybreak
waiting to come out
However the hurt. ..
It is the nature of ‘sun’ to give light
Darkness never prevails,
Light overcomes.
~ October 2011

I love this quirky and expressive image from wenzart, who is is clearly delighted to have her catch-up time with a close friend.

Catch-up Time © by wenzart

On a similar theme, this wonderful poem from su2anne.

Namaste © by su2anne
In this hot humid fragrance
Together we breath
This air.
Sounds shared
A hen clucking softly
The undertone of a motor coughing
All with the discourse between two friends.
Our feet dusty
The earth dry and bare.
Your head slightly bowed
with hands together
In prayer.
I look at you from afar
I wonder…
Where are you from?
Who are your family?
Is it comfort you seek?
Do your ancestors speak?
Though I see you
And write this verse
it is with the deepest respect.

A beautiful image from manana11 . “a woman symbolizing freedom of mind, thoughts and courage to face life difficulties.”

FREE © by Manana11

And to finish, an uplifting poem from Shelleybabe encouraging us to show our true colours.

Attached to me! © by shelleybabe2
There is an aura,
attached to me.
Which is invisible,
in which I cannot see.
I carry it around,
where ever I go.
Some people,
can see it.
Some people,
don’t know.
Don’t know,
that it’s there.
Until you show.
Show your true colours,
that’s when it will glow!

Congratulations to you all. I found your art and writing to be truly inspirational.

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