Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Seasons of the Mind, Body and Soul -- Features 13/10/2011

The sweetest aspects of autumn are in the air here in the States and I’m reminded about our mortal connection to the earth. My favourite time of this season is the evidence of life still clinging to the vine in an array of lush greenscape juxtaposed with the kaleidoscope of festive fall colours. No other time of the year produces such a massive canvas of visual stimulation in living colour.
Just as there are physical seasons, there are also mental, emotional, and psychological seasons. This week’s feature collection highlights these very seasons, exposing the beauty within the time-sensitive framework, and sometimes even the vulnerability of surrender or acceptance. I hope each piece moves you the way they have me. xox

And so we begin our journey with the seasons of the mind.

Seasons of the Mind by © Janis Zroback

Let us not forget the significance of the “unification of women and the earth.”

The Call by © Su2anne
You glide through the night
Frankincence and myrrh.
Hips swaying to the rythm
That is life.
Eyes closed
You call in the nightingales
With arms out stretched
You gather The Femimine
And hold them to your breast.
You provide succor
Transcending all that is possible
You merge with your foundlings
And Become one.
Tendrils reach out
Into the earth
Searching for others
Of your kind.
They are
Lust for life
And all that is exquisite
Fecund and knowing.
Minds race
Hearts murmour
Whispers can be heard.
The dreaming is complete.
Wake little ones
And embrace the night.
See that the enchantment
Is real.
You are one with The Mother.

There are some spirits who embody such a presence, that no matter what season they traverse traces of them can be found within the wind.

She’s Like the Wind by © Tammera

There is a reason to cling to hope, even in the most volatile seasons.

I’ll Fly One Day by © ArtPearl

There are others who are in tune with those around them with such intensity, they can even see the seasons in hiding.

A Living Looking Glass by © DeeLishess
I can see into your soul
If you let me…
Because your body language betrays you
With a nervous laugh
A shifting gaze
An innocuous folding of the arms
The way you hold your mouth when you look at me
My eyes gaze at you for a moment too long
And perhaps because they are wide enough
Or blue enough
Troubled or serene enough
For you to feel simultaneously connected to me
And that I’d never understand what you’ve been through
You squirm, thinking I’ve seen what I haven’t
And so you end up telling me what I see
You are my eyes, and I am your mirror
Invisible without feedback
And are you what you think I see?
I see you because you believed I would

For everything there is a due season; the time for truth is no exception.

She longed for beauty, I offered her truth by © Nicole McBride

There’s a time to dream in living colour…

When a dream has colored wings by © Dorina Costras

A time to eat the fruit of one’s future…

Facial Forest by © callmejulia
The braille of your face tells the story of my future.
In mossy detail I see my path unwinding.
My name is changed to Eden for I become a garden growing.
You eat fruit from my trees and we produce life.
Ever lasting
Ever evolving
Ever loving
And when the day comes that our physical beings are no more,
Your bones and marrow will nourish my soil.
A tree will grow from where you last stood.
And many years later as young lovers look at the sky
Through branches that spell out our names,
They will see their futures unfolding
In the braille of each others faces.

A time to watch and wait…

The Cabin by © ArtofMorgaine

A time to press through to freedom…

a way out by © jacqleen

A time to stand triumphantly and shout from the mountaintops…

WomanRoots by © RC deWinter
Unshakeable, rooted solidly in the flesh
of our Mother –
Earth –
I stand triumphant,
arms raised to the heavens,
and shout
“I am! I am! And always will be!”
No manmade avatar can replace me,
no laboratory invent me.
I am the source of life that populates the world
with the beings who will carry our legacy onward
to the farthest reaches of recorded time.

And a time to remain rooted to the earth.

My Abyss — with Victor Hugo Quote by © Lea Michelle

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