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Continued Discovery -- Sunday Features 4/09/2011

As we continue to explore the many facets of woman and what elements define the intricate fibers of feminism I’m reminded of the inner workings of woman. How has she arrived at this exact moment in time and space? How has she survived, overcome, or set her own pace? What does it mean to her to be a contemporary woman? There are victories and testimonies and areas needing healing. Hidden in the heart of woman is that desire to find the lighted path, to find herself in the silver lining of life, and above all, to find that place where internal and external freedom unite.
Today we celebrate self-discovery in all of its forms. And we celebrate a deeper understanding of these seasons through the eyes of an ever-evolving scope of perception — one enriched with experience, deep-rooted imaginations, and an unrelenting desire to capture the power and strength hidden within knowledge.

We begin our journey with the Inside Out- Mosaic mannequin.
This is an exploration into womanhood. The inner and outer dynamics of female form, and what it means to be a woman in society today.
The pressure on women to look and behave in certain ways, is so deeply ingrained in our psyches, that it’s easy to overlook the impact mass culture has on how we feel about ourselves and our bodies. Watching TV, reading magazines and newspapers, surfing the Net, we are bombarded with airbrushed images of perfect beauty and thinness. Inevitably we absorb the relentless message that such beauty is the norm, and is achievable.

Inside Out © by Nikki Ella Whitlock

Oh, to break away from it all and reconnect with that inner voice. Can’t you just taste the tranquility with each new breath?

Solitude © by DeLishess
Breaking away from everyone
Leaving everything behind—
Freeing myself:
Body, Soul, and Mind
Discovering unspoken joy
In the falling of leaves
The sound, the smell, the feel of rain on my skin
The tranquility that night-air breathes
Becoming one with the world
Through centering the Self
Finding unmatched beauty
In emotions truly felt
On my own (I am) truly whole
Beautiful and unique
Free to be (me)
Free to feel and think

Sometimes the solitude ushers in a season of emotions that challenges woman beyond her comfort zone.

Inspired by a recent event and the desire to be a stronger woman. The desire to feel angry over sadness and empty when I cannot. The desire to stem pain.

Let Me Feel © by unbeknown

What is it that defines woman? Is one view more powerful, more clear than another? Here are a few contemporary feminist perspectives.

My Feminist View © by MaryMac
Being a woman and walking along an indigenous path
paved by brave and beautiful women before
fighting for rights to be allowed to vote
speak and earn an education
As an eagle that soars the skies
a breeze flows through a woman’s wings
enabling her to feel the wonder of life as a person
not a sex
A woman’s influence is greater and more powerful
than some may think or will ever know
traits in a woman’s character are molded by other women
presenting the beauty which makes her feminine
Courage intellect patience and hope are her most defined virtues

Theory of Woman © by RhythmImpulse
Women are more than people with
Hair colored by the sun’s wispy hands.
A woman refuses to let jagged lighting
Strike her skin during the storm,
And she can see the rainbow swirls
In gasoline puddles afterwards.
She can unroll the blanket of an
Ebony sky and stitch it seamlessly
With luminous stars,
Even when her efforts are
Blotted out by a masculine hand.
A woman is daring enough
To pluck every word from a blade of grass,
And even if one letter is fizzy and bitter,
A woman will always appreciate what the
World will grow beneath her feet.

limitless © by autumnwind
it is the result of refusing to believe we are the less they perceive
their denial of truth which forfeits change
is ingrained unjustly
they are plagued by an irrational fear to admit we are not only equal
yet often better
we are the bloom of the seeds planted reaching to the heavens
you are but a temporary obstacle in time
for our dreams shall split you…into knowledge
as our lines deepen and continue through blood
intuitive powerful unstoppable beauty
flower stars of light
there is nothing
that can hold us down now…or ever
the battle has been won…

Too often woman’s identity is sewn into place by the manmade fibers of the society that surrounds her. And the saddest irony is the hand that loops each stitch belongs to her.
SOUL HOLES in combination with an image © by Tammera
All those little things we do within the privacy of ourselves.
Knowing they are wrong, but knowing also that we may get away with it.
And just when we think that we have gotten away with it….
Along come these little things that take root and shape.
They begin to define themselves within the deepest of our core.
These little "soul holes’ begin to take over our conscience.
They eat away and leave holes…
openings for more little lies and mis-steps.
Until slowly we begin to loose the very whole of our being.
Our conscience begins to fail us, and as we falter…
The next time it is easier to say “why not”
And so the vicious cycle has no end.
Only when we can be completely true
To ourselves and our individual conscience
Can we begin to fill in those soul holes
and Become more whole again.

SOUL HOLES © by Tammera

For those moments woman refuses to be defined by the byproducts of past relationships she proves to be the brickpaver of her own identity.

Trapeze Swinger © by RhythmImpulse
When the memory of you comes slinking
Under my door and frosting
The glass on my window,
I won’t be found wrenching my sorbet
Colored blanket around my bare shoulders.
I’ll be tugging a flower off my dress and
Rolling it between the plains in my hands,
Watching the petals dye each contour,
Each section of my hand.
I’ll be tracing smiley faces on the
Spines of books that have never felt touched,
Dipping my feet into a tub of crusted
Watercolor paints,
Or tasting citrus when my
Teeth sink into strawberries.
I am not aiming low and I refuse
To fall down when I walk
(unless I am tripping up the stairs),
So if you think you can exhale
Your horrible frigid breath
In my room or my house
Or even my car,
Just think of me skimming across
A lake’s palm or seated
On a rainbow’s milky head.
And if you ever see me stringing a rope
On the limb of a tree,
It is only because I am ready to swing across
A range of golden speckled land
I can explore now that you are gone.

Dreams and the desires of the heart are woman’s internal compass. Whether these were imbedded in her very fibers from the moment of conception or they were birthed from her many exposures to this world, they will often act as her guiding light.

Inner Light © by AmbienKreaton

To let go or to hang on is often the question of the hour.

The edge of hope © by Su2anne
In the desert landscape
of my life.
Sits a grave
reflecting my sadness.
On the edge
I sit.
Giving life
and sustenance
From my heart of tears.

It’s not the aging process that defines the woman, it’s what contributes to each memory and crease and how she allows these things to season her over the time.

aging © by Michele Meister

There is one life to live: the present one. It’s the time taken to live it that will count in the end.

Take your time
There’s really no rush
After this hour
Another will come
Take your time
Draw a heart on the mirror
Frame it around your face
It’s perfectly fine
Take your time
Take your shoes off
Let the grass tickle your feet
Feel the Earth growing old
Take your time
Rain is caressing you
With its fluid hands
Enjoy, it’s divine
Take your time

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