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Transcendence - The Ways We Change - Midweek Features 15/06/2011

Something that is much on my mind at the moment – the way we transcend our prescribed roles, the labels people use to try and box us in and the mystery we create through the way we change throughout our lives.

Here’s a definition of transcendent from the Free Dictionary
tran·scen·dent (trn-sndnt)
1. Surpassing others; preeminent or supreme.
2. Lying beyond the ordinary range of perception: “fails to achieve a transcendent significance in suffering and squalor” (National Review).
3. Philosophy
a. Transcending the Aristotelian categories.
b. In Kant’s theory of knowledge, being beyond the limits of experience and hence unknowable.
4. Being above and independent of the material universe. Used of the Deity.

All the featured images and writing below reminded me of the ways we’re held in chains and how we transcend them and move on.
From the way we reinvent ourselves physically…

Black Swan by © Cabisha

To the way we change inside…

Being Good, is Boring. by © LauraBroussard
Being good is boring,
I have come to believe.
Knitting in meetings,
going to night clubs
and drinking selzer…..
Drinking tea at sundown.
Being good, is boring.
Being one who feels
freed from good behavior,
is a release ………….
oh, such beauty
is felt now,
in the sunset,
in your laughter,
in your comaraderie…..
Being good, is boring.

The dreams and wishes we have for ourselves…

Nesting by © Naomi Downie

To the fears we have, which simply melt away and allow us to become something or someone we never believed we could be…

I Think I May Be Drunk by © Edibl3leper
I’m asking her things
I swore I wouldn’t
I’m letting down barrier’s
I knew I never could
I’m enjoying the softer parts
of what I once wished was wood
I’m listening
instead of counting the seconds
until I can speak once more
I’m enjoying knowing someone again
Enjoying being with someone
enjoying being a friend
I must be going soft in my old age.

Understanding the labels that hold us back and putting the lie to them…

The Great Big Lie by © Heather King

And the lies we’re told that hold us back and kill us…

left behind by © Sally Omar
a snag, a tear, a sharp jab
left behind
to wander alone
in the realm of darkness
no where to go
silence prevades
distant is the drum
of her heartbeat
her soul drips
the blood of the lonely
falling through
the time given
to walk upon this earth
it happened in a moment
without warning
her brow now lined
with age
the blush in her cheeks
now faded
her face once soft
now wrinkled
her body once supple
now sags
those she loved are gone
memories fade
a candle no longer burns
it has been snuffed out
by years of regret and pain
she walks out of breath
out of hope
waiting for the grim reaper
to snatch her up
she begs the lord to take her
into the light of the heavenly place
as she walks the lonely highway
of lost dreams
left behind

The dreams we have that lead us ever onwards….

Dream Big by © Lea Michelle

The hopes that make us try and try again…

Dreams of yesterday….and crooked smiles of tomorrow by © SimplyRed
the keyboard is stuck
I am motionless
into yesteryear
backspace oh please
no dont enter ! enter!
backspace oh please
free me on the escape button
your tantalising keyboard
allows me
freedom of speech
and yet where
shall my thoughts go
over the oceans blue
into all my yesterdays
or into the night
of all my tomorrows
loves lost
love waiting
love found
love as it is……..
yes the keyboard
screams at me
click click click
as I hang my head
the shame
the shame
nothing new to say
a speech fit for a King
oh I wish this were so….
but a Kings empire
I possess not….
just a thought or two
no reading
between the lines
no anticipation
of the next chapter
a blank canvas
stares against my will
no watercolours nor oils
to sweep emotions forth
a dried brush
sitting beside
a lonely
and yet
Istill tinker
to make
the gilded frame…

And finally, the transcendence we’ve been waiting for, almost in reach…

illūmināta by © Antaratma Images

Taking the first steps into a new life…

Can I Have my Heart Back? by © mermanda
Can I have my heart back
its been 6 years
you took it that day
that day I said I loved you
remember what you said
stumble and stuttering
isn’t it my decision
to decide who I want
where to give my heart
you felt the power I conveyed
I guess it made you run away
but you reached in and stole it
before you left
heart beating strong
ripped it out of me
your hand deep in my chest
so easy and carefree
as if you owned me
I could do nothing but watch
then you turned and walked away
warm dripping red
left me there for dead
how I have been so angry
at all that you are
left me there to die
I was convinced your love was true
thought that you loved me like I love you
maybe you tried to protect me
and save me from your life
from the demons you held inside
but you found someone like me to call your wife
blonde hair and dressed to a tea
fun loving and sweet
but my Dear
she will never be me
I’m standing at your front door
with anger as my fire
love doesn’t live here anymore
you took it with my desire
give it back now
before I make you pay
for all the years I waited
day by day
and all the times I wasted
what was I expecting
for you to change
run back to me
with my heart wrapped in a bow
how could I think that
when your so fuckin vain
never say your sorry
never take the blame
so you like to feel the power of my heart beat weaken
every time I think of you
you hold it so close
tie it up in ropes
put in in your pocket
for whenever you need hope
I’m here to get it back
I need it to love another
he doesn’t deserve the way you’ve had it all along
or deserve the reason he should fix your wrong
so this is me attempting to be strong

And here it is achieved – transcendence…

Entering The Rest by © Geraldine (Gezza) Maddrell

But the memories of how we got there will always be with us…

Remember by © msdebbie
Remember when Pluto was a planet?
Remember when we danced to forget?
Remember when my smile was swallowed?
Remember when haunted thoughts followed?
Do you recall how I romanticize songs?
Recall how I demonize false memories?
Recall my fear of being surrounded?
Recall the struggle against liberal liberties?
Remember when you tugged upon twisted torment?
Remember when you returned me to earthly orbit?
Remember when I longed to be an assassin?
Remember that I hoped to erase all accidents?
Recall how my halo was broken?
Recall hollow lies once spoken?
Recall Icarus wings cruelly melted away?
Recall Prometheus chained another day?
Now that I’ve deafened all echoes;
Now that the replay is worn and bored…
Please remember I held you,
Surrounded you.
Even as I
Romanticised memories,
Demonised injuries,
Struggled against
Liberal liberties.

I hope you enjoyed the journey I took you on today and thank all the wonderful artists and writers in our group for their fabulous submissions.

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