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What's on the Inside - Midweek Features - 29/06/2011

The longer I am part of this group and the older I get the more I realise that we are masters at dissembling. We show the world a brave face or the party girl, the dedicated mother, the successful career woman, but underneath there’s always so much more, so many emotions hidden away… We are so many things to so many people and fulfill so many needs outside ourselves, but hidden deep inside there’s always another woman, one that has to deal with getting older, with juggling too many things, a lonely one, an angry one, one who wishes she’d done things differently… and the list goes on forever. So these features are dedicated to all those emotions we keep to ourselves until they come out in our art and writing. See for yourself.

Starting us off is Winterwitch. I love the intensity of the painting and the depth of the emotion within her expression. She’s confident and she knows her place exactly.

Winter Witch by © Janelle McKain

Janelle explains:
WINTER WITCH: a period of destruction and transformation, an “obscure” phase corresponding to the black moon, the menstrual phase, the “Witch”.
The symbol above her head is the triple lunar goddess symbol….maiden, mother, crone (waxing, full, waning moon) Symbolizing feminine energy and psychic abilities.
The Triquetra symbol is incorporated as well.

Here is another suppressed emotion. Who never wanted to be a ‘bad girl’, one that has all the fun, because she doesn’t care what others think, who just goes for the things she wants… The hidden desires a good girl never admits to. Even if your desires are different, I am sure you get the idea. :-)

The Things Nice Girls Miss Out On by © Edibl3leper
The feeling of being used,
More so…+liking it+.
Looking up at someone,
Who loves you all consumingly for 30 minutes.
Knowing his girlfriend hates you…
Because he wants you
Or she wants to be you.
Feeling feminine in fish nets
and a dog collar.
Finding euphoria in asphyxia.
Enjoying pink
In all it variations and textures.
Knowing how to tell between a lie and honesty,
then choosing to pretend you don’t.
Digging your nails in so deep,
You know he’ll have “splaining to do“.
Wearing red lips stick,
Just to smear it creatively.
Learning to hold your eyes in ways
That do more than insinuate.
Breathing pure wanton need from pores,
Drinking sweat.
Becoming numb and beautiful for perfect moments,
In perfect intervals between imperfection personified.
Truly living and dying through someone else’s desire.
Mind altering lust.

And here’s the woman who is quietly confident. On the inside and the outside. A wonderful stark photograph.

Quietly Confident by © dansLesprit

Finding one’s centre, inner peace as it were. One of my personal desires…

Intensify by © Vesna VD
Soft, pastel background silence
Black, sharp, ink words sound so dense
Intensifies the hearing
Calm, still, frozen landscapes
Sudden flapping, the photograph escapes
Intensifies the sight
Whirlwind thoughts, emotional nightmare
Tamed by the newborn wisdom flare
Intensifies the smell
Deep dive under the skin
Feeling the waves within
Intensifies the touch
Salmon swims upstream somewhere
Berries are shared with a black bear
Intensifies the taste

However, sometimes we just show the world our confident face to hide the fragility of our being and keep from getting hurt.


Understanding and wisdom are the tools we need to deal with life and achieve inner strength. Definitely not one to throw away.

Throw it away by © msdebbie
Do not hide your eyes
from the ugly truth.
Amid fear and depravity,
you know, it’s utterly uncouth.
Charlotte loves to give,
but has given herself away.
She wanted to heal and comfort,
but instead threw it all away.
Dilated eyes seeking money,
she has fallen through the cracks,
money cannot give what the truth offers,
it’s so ugly, she’s bruised and broken,
like a tattered ragdoll, the world proclaims
Throw it away
Miranda painted her eyes;
ugliness isn’t what she wants to see.
Then she painted her curious mind;
ugly isn’t what she would like to be.
Even so, she lost her mind,
because the bitter truth
does not look that good on her.
She’s so ugly, with weary raccoon eyes,
like a feeble animal in a litter, the world whispers
Throw it away
I begin to think
I don’t really understand.
I can’t see why I’d ever want to either.
Even though it hurts,
I know the truth.
I’ll say it regardless.
The world is
Then realization chimes.
I must not hide my eyes
from the ugly truth.
Hope abides
and insight follows,
which must never
be thrown away.

From my own life experiences there isn’t just one passage but many, and many ways to get there.

passage by © Cynthia Lund Torroll

The outside world will never leave us be. Too many worlds to juggle and only one of us…

Self Portrait by © MoonlightLover

But we convince ourselves that there’s only a little further to go, one more task, one more burden… because that’s what we do. The raw honesty and truth is painful but so necessary and beautiful.

I Have More to Give… by © LauraBroussard
I have more to give,
that’s the PC term.
I hate myself right now.
And I don’t even have energy to reply
to your comments.
I am so stressed.
Yet, my sister in-law,
is dying of cancer.
I am such a drama queen.
Pushing the keystrokes,
of my frustrations.
What is the point.
I am a huge failure.
no no,
I am not ready.
So this sounds like
a hodge podge of emotion…
yes, it is.
You try dealing on a daily basis
with a challenged son, and another son
who feels emotional…
because of all the time
I need to spend with his brother.
Counselors and Psychiatrists……
Oh my God,…………
I want to scream and cry at the same time.
and this story
has no rhyme.

However, sometimes it does all get too much and we hide in a corner of our minds…

In Another Dimension by © ValRose Photography

The final truth. Life’s not fair.

I wish we didn’t by © bjeliMis
Blatancy should be a crime
To blatantly say, do, or find someone
On this map of dots and lines
We make dancers perform in our minds
And for that naked truth
We should burn
And break and bend and take
Whatever these cold morning leave on our skin
Convert and give
And shove away the things that make us better
We drive thoughts into motives like the stitches of a sweater
Gone wrong
Money isn’t currency
People are currency
And we fall in love and fall in debt
Only to wake up to your lonely hand just on that other side
Somewhere between the white hills of your bed sheets
And the unadulterated pound of a lonely heartbeat
So strip
Down to panties and skin
Down to bad memories and childhood friends
That left
Down to nights it was just you and the table
Present the world your bare backbone
Because we are waiting to break it

I hope you enjoyed this journey with me. Please congratulate the artists and writers.

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