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Relationships - Midweek Features 20/07/2011

When I looked through the submitted art for images to feature I realised how many of the art we receive is about the relationships we have (with others and ourselves) and the connections we make throughout our lives. Our lives are riddled with caring for others it seems and often love for others but often little for ourselves. It appears that we ‘measure’ ourselves by the success of the relationships we have – be it with a a partner or a child or anyone else we come across in our lives. So here’s a selection of the parts that make up our lives.

Our friends are the sisters we choose for ourselves.

Friendship by © MissMoselle

And the ones who help us do the things we need to do.

Fall In New Mexico by © Catherine Howell
We are going to do it,
Just me and Sam,
And Grizzy’s ashes.
We will make it
To that mountain pass,
Between Colorado
And New Mexico,
And we will stand there,
In the fresh, fall,
Mountain Air,
And we will breathe it,
We will take it all in,
As if it is the first breath
We have ever taken,
We will witness the golden aspens
And the crisp air
Will make our eyes water
And we will cry
With joy and sadness
We will remember
How the smell of sage
Excited Grizz
Because he knew
We were home
And I will ask Grizzy
To forgive me,
For not making it back here,
Before he left us
Yes, I will hold him
In the urn,
And I will tell him
How sorry I am,
And I know Sam
Will understand
We will relive the memories
Of the joy
Of Grizzy
And I know that
Grizzy will know
That we finally
Made it

The deep love we feel to our children

Our Unbreakable Bond by Christina Rodriguez

Those that are born and those that are not.

Fallen Angel by © autumnwind
I dreamt about my child last night
her eyes were twilight blue
hair as black as raven wings
her skin a tawny hue
her blank expression screamed at me
her silence was my curse
this babe was but the blood of me
yet death conceived her birth
I see her now most every night
wake trembling wet with tears
haunted now forevermore
no comfort in my prayers
a foolish choice ~ or mortal sin
it matters not to me
the life I gave I took as well
may God forgive me please

The beauty we see in others

She was totally unaware of her pure beauty by © madworld

and the way we’d like to be seen by others and we see ourselves.

The Rain, The Park And Other Things by © MoonlightLover
Tonight I walked home alone
In the Rain
Passing cars and trucks
Embracing couples
Looked at my distorted face
In the puddle
Oops my mascara is running
Oh Well
Where’s your hoodie?
Or your umbrella?
Don’t worry
I’m ok
Everything is going to be alright
It’s going to be fine
Well no
Its not going to be fine
I’m lonely and I’m afraid
I’m suppose to be beautiful
Intelligent and quick witted
I’m popular and everyone likes me
And wants something from me
But it’s not me they want
It’s what they want me to be for them
Not what I want to be
It’s still raining
And I’m kind of getting really wet..
But I really don’t mind
Because I feel free and wanted
The rain does not expect anything
It just goes right through you
And soaks you
Because it feels you are really part of it
It doesn’t judge
Rain falls on everyone
The Young and the old
The good and the bad
The Ugly and the sad
I come to the park
And the trees and the plants
They look so happy
They seem to enjoy the rain as much as I do
They are in the present
Well, that’s why they call the present a present
Because the present is a gift
Nothing like the past or the future
Well we’ve heard all that before
But it’s darn true you know
I’m on my way home
I can see my front fence
Peeking out from a distance
The Sun just broke through the clouds
To say hello
The Rain
Well the rain
The Rain
Will come back another day
It didn’t go away
But I’m happy again
I don’t know why
I have a smile on my face
And I think everything is going to be alright
Thank you Rain
Come back soon
I’ll be waiting for you.

The pain we feel and we often can’t share because it has no words

Pain Within The Hurt by © RavenSoul

and the pain that we cannot keep within.

let me go with ink stains on my fingers by © April Mansilla
I know what it feels like to go crazy from love….
My skin doesn’t feel the same
And I blame you
For taking all my memories
When I would rather
Feel the pain…
I heard that you don’t love me anymore
But I am happy
And still
I have a suit case packed
With a million things
I have left to say
Please let me say them
But tonight I am hiding
From the light
Of the matter
And I miss walking the halls
And I miss
Walking the walls
With my eyes
I miss even more my head in the clouds
And the tremble down my spine
This time is driving me
And I don’t use that term loosely
And my hands are getting old
My fingers nails are bleeding from biting them
Hold them in your mouth
And stop me from doing
Wash my back
Clean my yesterday’s makeup
Off my face
Love me
Like my
Paintings looking
Back at me….
How do you know everything about me?
In your silence?
How do I test if I am alive if I can’t do the things I am so used to?
Is it the sun in morning wake
Or the shivers
As a stranger touches my flesh
Come closer to me
I am sorry
And I listened to
The notes of my favourite song
came undone
my clothes unravelled
As I walked
And my arms no longer hid my body
I have been so ashamed of
I can’t stay away….
Oh how I have waited
For you….
To put your hands though my hair
And tell me how to live
Sleep well tonight love…

The crimes done unto us and the ones we commit on others

9 crimes. by © Mushda

or maybe they’re both one and the same?

Feeding Off You by © Edibl3leper
Strapping legs,
or strapping them down.
Hands tied over head,
smiles on hidden faces.
Expectant eyes behind veiled devices.
Jaded intentions,
fulfilling the anticipation.
Your breath catches,
and my resolve dwindles behind hazel eyes.
Diminished, diminishing,
in expectation of the inevidable.
First blood drawn,
by amateur flobotomist.
Drip turned up,
alleviation imminant, limply reacting.
Cruise control operation engaged,
the light behind the eyes fades,
dazed and continuous.
Completing my task fully aware and completely numb.
Mr. Dress Up had no idea what he was starting. (-;

The fears we feel deep inside about our relationships and the things they made us do.

a symptom of neurotic insecurity by © strawberries

And the fears we see in others’ eyes.

A Day in the Life as a Bra Fitter by © mermanda
When you look in a mirror
with your clothes off
bearing your body to a stranger
your self worth and confidence begin to falter
you walked in here
strutting your stuff
now standing in front of me
with your guards up
you don’t feel loved
or love from yourself
cause there is always something wrong
some new surgery
to help you feel strong
“I’m so fat,
cant you see?”
“I need some more botox, my face looks ugly”
“I hate my body, and this part of me”
let me make you feel pretty
and lift your breast off the floor
or wasn’t that the surgery you just went in for?
“My Husband is cheating with some young whore,
he just doesn’t love me anymore, what happened to me?
when he first met me, I had a 26 inch waist, now with 3 kids later, I guess it’s too late,
must go to the Dr. and have him reconstruct my face, my thighs, my saggy breast’s, get back my waist.” ‘Amanda, I’m sorry. I just have so much stress, does this bra work, does it look the best?"
I say “Look at you, your beautiful don’t ever listen to him. You raised his children, made a house into a home, don’t go changing just for him, he made his choice, let him see in the end”
Now to flip the coin
when I fit the young gals
they think life is perfect
with the perfect bodies
skin too dark for the blonde hair
nothing more to say than
“OMG, that bra is sooo cute, will it fit me?”
these are the ones who the men leave their
wives for
the stupid girls
that go down on men in a drive through
the ones who think they win
when they get an old used man
just because they took him from a family
a home
he is the one with the good credit
a house that is his
a midlife crises sports car
set up in ways that are comfortable for a girl
could pay for trips to the spa
and vacations with her girls
his children are almost grown
their older than this whore
his wife doesn’t need his money
she has a career
and worked for what she owns
so it all goes to the blonde bimbo
wanting nothing more than some beers
with her peers
he will pay for the sex
she uses her looks and her
‘make a man feel good’ ways
to get what she wants
to not have to work
to just go out and play
manicures and pedicures almost everyday
but she doesn’t realize that he will do the same
no matter what guy
she chooses to play her game
when her skin starts to wrinkle
and her blonde turns to speckles of grey
there is always another girl
who will do the same
to fill her heels
continue the game
another who makes him feel
like a “real man should”
the excuse being
“he is just being a man”
and we all accept it
as if we understand
The decline of society
it affects us all
so when I leave work
knowing everyone’s sins
I wonder when this will happen to me
when my age catches up with me
how will I feel when my man looks away
at the next generation who just wants to play
my Father never did this
he loves my Mother so
and I know many men who everyday show
to their wives appreciation
not looking away at a tight ass for the sensation
So girls and women out there
what happened to the code?
the one where the men aren’t treated like cattle?
and the one where your fellow women aren’t strung into battles?

Quite a journey all the way from friendship to a mother’s love to the complicated and complex relationship with have with ourselves and others.
Please don’t forget to congratulate the artists featured today. It means so much to see what others think and feel about your writing and art. :-)

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