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Left Stranded - Midweek Features - 11/08/2011

To go with our topic of Female Bullying in the Cafe I thought I’d do something about the way we’re often left stranded at the edges of life and then have to try and piece ourselves back together again. No matter what the reasons – be it abuse, bullying or just things going wrong – we seem to be survivors, often not for our own gain but to take care of others and it’s sad how often these magnificent efforts are overlooked, which makes it even harder. I sometimes wonder if the way we deal with life is down to the way we’re perceived – nurturers, care givers, general sources of comfort and support – is what makes us strive so hard or is it the other way round, are we given those labels because of what we’re like deep down? What do you think?
The surreal quality of the first image captured my eye when I looked through the recently submitted art. There’s something about it that makes you feel almost dizzy. There’s pain and struggle and the feeling of drowning and the strength of the eyes looking right at you….

Me, I’m Not by © Heather King

“i created this piece because of an abuse that took place 2 years ago
i am on a different path now, and hopefully this will be the last piece of dark art that i do as i’m trying to get rid of the remnant of the toxins and anxiety within
no longer will i give power to such weak and insignificant predators.”

Here’s that inner strength that makes us put one foot in front of the other no matter what…

Affirmation of happiness by © April Mansilla
It is not easy
To keep my head
Up everyday
When it wants naturally to go
But here I am
looking at my refection
my eyes clear
looking at the heavens
for another prayer
and always
looking at you…
anything to keep me from
in the wrong way
and I smile
I have the strength
And determination
to go through this

There’s something immediate about this that arrests your gaze and makes you really look. One moment where all the attention is on you, nothing else, caught. Is it fear we see?

Caught In The Headlights by © Angela Burman

“My inspiration for this work is a poem by Alex D
Caught in the headlights of Love’s last flight,
A life overtaken by a new weird plight,
A fallen love, A symbol of, one last fight,
A beacon of hope cast in bright lights,
Burned and Emblazoned and clouded by spite,
A wishful memory, I wish I may I wish I might
Be struck down by Love on this starry night,
Caught in the headlights, frozen in fright,
Last moments alive, Waiting for death’s harsh bite,
Checked out, Bags in hand, Ready for my Last Rites."

Sometimes we are so blind we even (especially?) with those nearest and dearest to us. We might not see or choose not to… and someone is left out in the cold, left to struggle for themselves.

Did you see me… passing by …. by © SimplyRed
did you see me passing by
window of despair
blood gushing through my veins
reflecting time…
did you ?
did you see me passing by
quiet memories of…
standing still
did you?
did you see me passing by
lapping on shores of yesterday
desire unquenchable
yet saited….
did you?
did you see me passing by
falling on years of no return
with ill wind blowing
to a quiet calm….
did you?
did you see me passing by
spitting rains of yesterday
on scented pillow
of restlessness….
did you?
did you see me passing by
sense of humor washing into oceans
of I dont want
but need….
did you ?
did you see me passing by
with vinegar sweetness of tomorrow
where I lay my head
soft and gentle in it’s resting place….
did you ?
land and dreams of far far away
called me to forget
the return of darkness
weeping on pillow of down…
you did see !!

I love the juxtaposition of the female face mirrored in the window with the dolls. When we’re small we’re often given dolls to look after to teach us our ‘role in life’ of nurturer and care giver and there we are looking in from the outside. Fab image.



And here’s the question to go with the image. What would you do? Good friends are rare…

What Would You Do For Me? by © mermanda
commentary for the 7th image/writing
What would you do for me
if I were homeless on the street
lend me a room
give me something to eat
would you call yourself a friend
and make sure I knew I was an inconvenience
send me away after my night stay
where do I go?
what would you say?
how would you treat me if I were a millionaire
would it make a difference
or would true love be green paper
floating like air
love going no where
so how do I know now
if I’m not in these extremes
to my true friends…
step forward please
I would rather hurt now
than being left later on my skinned and bruised up knees
so here is your chance to walk away
if I’m not enough for you to stay
when times get hard
I’m tired of the games
I dont want to play
What would you do for me?
can you say?

We’re so busy being labelled by the brands we use, hiding behind pretty facebook pictures, avatars and makeup, who can tell who we really are?

Insert brand name here by © strawberries

“iPhone, iPod, Nike, Gucci,
Prada, Pandora, Guess, Supre,
in all the chaos, where do i find me???”

Sometimes we get lost and it’s difficult to find the way back without a little help.

Lost Highway by © MoonlightLover
Headlights on high beam
On ghosts unseen
Through the valley of death
We hold our immortal breath
Where shadows of strangers
Rise like vapours from a forest of hidden dangers
A drive through the dead of night
We lie awake in fright
Our eyes filled with emptiness
Our coffins open in readiness
With bodies torn apart
Our souls did depart
A plume of smoke billows in the distance
Our hearts pound with the beat of resistance
With every step and every mortal breath we take
It’s that twisted wreck for heaven’s sake
On Every night, we take flight
Ghosts in eternal fright
Lovers in a perpetual embrace
T’was the night that sealed our fate

“A momentary lapse in love…..”

What does it take to make us feel complete?

Completely Incomplete by © Laurie Search

We’re most of us looking for a place to call home, where we can just ‘be’ and so often this place is elusive or exists just in a memory.

yearning by © fillette
It all comes back to one thing
it is where we are warm
where curved and straight edges fit into the puzzle with ease
there is protection from all storms
although sometimes the rain may splash upon our faces
smiles arrive spontaneaously
and when there are tears, there are always tissues
biscuits baking with no guilt
flowers on the wind with no weeds
fresh cut grass but no lawn to mow
a cherished perfume lingers
a winter sun’s caress
a cool summer breeze
a splash of spring rain and the crinkle of autumn leaves
these all come together
like ingredients in a bowl
wherever it is that you and I call home

With all the branding and labelling going on it’s difficult to say no, and be the outsider, the odd one out, the one who doesn’t play the game…

Don’t Label Me by © Jessica Hooper

“i am proud to be unique, i will never follow the crowd or be normal.”
It’s so hard to find yourself amongst all those telling us who we should be.

Lil’ Glass Ball by © Jenifer DeBellis
Time is what it is: a gauge
that reminds us we are mortal.
Please tell me what it is
that I’m doing wrong. I don’t
seem to be able to even get that right.
What a sight I must be in my naiveté.
It’s nice to know I can count on
my reflection from another set of eyes,
especially on those occasions
my sense of perception is warped.
Those moments when the walls
spin in on me and I can’t tell
which way is up and which is down.
When I lose my footing, faulting
the line between what’s important
to me versus what fits your ideals
of what should be important to me
versus what’s thrown at me
from the overhead shelves of chaos
while everything spins out of control.
Please tell me though, may I
return the favour of pointing you
into the corner of condemnation
in the breath it takes me to realign
your focus on where it should be?

I hope you enjoyed today’s journey. Please leave a comment below and/or with your favourites. We artists can always do with some TLC. :-)

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