Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Secrets, Puzzles and Enigmas - Midweek Features - 31/08/2011

I went to Bletchley Park this weekend and it made me think. Bletchley Park is where they decoded the secret Enigma machine and it had it’s fair share of secret agents, including Ian Fleming the author of James Bond living and working there. It made me think about the things we hide from view, our inner most wishes, our desires, our secrets and thought it would make the perfect theme for today’s features.

Here’s my first choice. I like this image because it’s an unusual selfportrait, hiding more than it shows.

A windy day on the bricks link to art/writing by © fourthangel

Here are some of the secrets we may hide from view…

Touchstone by © Cynthia Lund Torroll
She has a lining,
A secret pocket,
That’s of the finest thread count
Sometimes her fingers
Reach down to touch it
Without the need to actually
Inside it holds those things
That cannot or never will
Fit into frames.
Like how the light takes over
Corners when it tries
To cling to day.

The things that make us who we are, often hidden in plain sight, a puzzle to others and often to ourselves.

PersonalPuzzle by © dmcart

Often we’re still trying to find our way, understand who we are and what makes us tick.

Me, Myself & I by © shelleybabe2
I’m naughty,
but nice.
I’m cruel,
but I’m kind.
I easily forgive,
or dont mind.
I make mistake’s,
of any kind.
I’m still learning,
in body and mind.
And I know that,
it will take me quite some time.
For I’m not perfect,
or designed.
To suit the needs,
of other’s minds.
For I will pace,
at my own time.
Take baby steps,
In which to find…..
Me, Myself & I.

Our secret desires and wishes and the readjustment to reality.

It was supposed to be a new start for us by © madworld

The way we’re shattered by the winds and then have to try and put ourselves back together again from the puzzle we’ve become.

Fragments by © ShadowDancer
I come to you in fragments of a dream
pieces & stems
& half chewed morsels of flesh
alive, dripping with honey
my eyes an awkward attempt
at seduction
digging my way down to your open
to lick away your tears

Always looking for the secret to happiness and sometimes finding nothing but emptiness.

“Time is a cruel thief to rob us of our former selves. We lose as much to life as we do to death.
Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey”

The Pursuit Of Happiness by © Mindy McGregor

And sometimes we find ourselves alone in a room with many people and no friends, hiding our innermost selves from everyone.

Pride and Pestilence by © Jenifer DeBellis
In a room full of people I am alone.
Mary’s just asked me what I’ve been up to.
Grateful for the interest I begin to tell her.
Three words in and her eyes are dancing
over my shoulder assessing the newcomers.
I repeat the same sentence twice without her notice.
She moves on as Pat finishes her hello greetings.
Pat is with Debbie, who nods continually
as she says “uh ha, uh ha, uh ha,”
in between every third or forth word I speak,
not really listening to anything I say
while she bides her time before she takes the floor.
It’s hard to think straight in between each uh ha.
Pat’s expression is a cross between melancholy
and absence until her phone vibrates in her pocket.
As she reads the message (perhaps a text or the latest
Facebook update) her face comes alive and her eyes
ignite. She smiles as she punches her keypad
in rapid succession and returns the phone to her pocket.
She and her distant expression resume their position.
I remember when I used to be the recipient of Pat’s smile.
Finger food has been set out, giving me an escape.
“I’m sorry,” I say, “I haven’t eaten yet today.”
If I move slow enough I can draw out the time.
I’ve already scanned the room for the perfect hiding place;
I slide into an isolated chair that sits near the corner –
set up as an afterthought or mercy offering, who can tell?
It is the perfect spot. Voices are nothing more than the hum
and buzz trapped within the heart of a busy bee hive.
There’s a group of women sitting to the side of the table.
They crane in toward one another creating a shield
that shelters their conversation while it keeps others out.
I will escape their notice until Laura’s husband stops
to ask me if I’ve been put in the corner for bad behavior.
I laugh even though it’s not funny. Where’s my poker face
when I need it? The one with a get out of jail free card.
It’s not clear to me why I shouldn’t be talking to Ken,
but while he and I refill our wine glasses I’m polite
enough to say “Hi,” which causes his smile to fade
mid-stride as his wife bolts from her chair to his side.
From some secret reserve I muster up a smile to offer
Kelli who flashes me one in return and says something
but I’m not quite sure what as my mind has already
retreated to a safer place – the corner at the back of the room.

We hide ourselves behind different variations of ourselves, none quite true, not one quite real.

Me repetitive self by © Danica Radman – Tazzina

Shouldn’t life be more than hiding who we truly are just to conform?

thrill by © Sally Omar
man and woman
side by side
man and woman
what do they hide
behind the shades
of blue and red
are their hearts open
or are they dead
do their smiles
and brief kiss
reflect their love
or do they just miss
freedom to walk
down a road alone
to turn to the left
and not go home
to find true love
on a different path
a love so intense
that will always last
or will they go on
hiding their true desires
they’re not in love
just good liars
will they ever realize
time does not stand still
life should be lived
every day a thrill


Isn’t what most of us really want to break free from the labels we’re stuck with and become more, become ‘real’?

I Want to Break Free by © AmbientKreation

I am not sure if this is the question or the answer… and I’d definitely come along.

Question by © Vesna VD
I have
clouds in the pocket,
Sun in the hair,
many rivers in the body
and a blue star in the head.
I have
forest in the heart,
a tiger in the foot,
a white rabbit in the left hand
and coloured lakes in the veins.
I have
China Wall on the skin,
a handkerchief at the eye,
a train on the lips,
oceans in the ears.
I have
a silver dolphin on the shoulder,
in each finger a different wind,
sand on the face
a one-way ticket.
Will you come along with me?
~ ~ ~
Hope you enjoyed today’s journey. Let the artists and writers know if you did. :-) xo

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