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Anna's Birthday Features - 19/03/2012

It is my birthday today, so I wanted to celebrate by posting these wonderful features, all dedicated to International Women’s Day, and, of course, to women everywhere.

International Women’s Day – Part Three

I wanted to continue the celebration and awareness of International Women’s Day with the features here mirroring the creative initiative run by The Global IWD Women’s Arts Initiative who first celebrated the collective creative ability of women in 2011 on the hundredth anniversary of the first International Women’s Day. To mark special Centenary the ‘100 Women, 100 Artworks’ and ‘100 Women, 100 Stories’ initiative was launched. They extended the celebration this year featuring artworks (paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, drawings, sketches, collages …) and stories which have been created by diverse women from around the world to inspire, challenge, entertain and provoke thought from a gender angle. The impressive artworks celebrate the artistic grace of women. The stories are of celebration, hurt, triumph, shock, humour, anger, remembrance and question.

The features here today continue this theme.

I was blown away by this writing by msdebbie who, inspired by the writing of Ben Pobjie’s message to his his daughter, wrote her own compelling letter to us all. It was featured last week by Sybille, but I have placed it here alongside the twelve featured works as it captures so well, the very essence of what we are striving for here in Pink Panther Magazine.

Because you’re a girl © by msdebbie
Dear women,
I like Twitter and Facebook as much as the next person, but on Thursday, 8 March 2012, I have to admit, I was kind of trembling in my tummy, delirious in my daydreams, feverish in my furore, that we still need to have an International Women’s Day (IWD).
Really? Yeah, really. Looking back over the previous UN Themes, since 1975 (year of my birth), gave me a pretty nasty feeling…we still have so much, SO MUCH, to do:
- 2012: Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty
- 2011: Equal access to education, training and science and technology
- 2010: Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all
- 2009: Women and men united to end violence against women and girls
- 2008: Investing in Women and Girls
- 2007: Ending Impunity for Violence against Women and Girls
- 2006: Women in decision-making
- 2005: Gender Equality Beyond 2005: Building a More Secure Future
- 2004: Women and HIV/AIDS
- 2003: Gender Equality and the Millennium Development Goals
- 2002: Afghan Women Today: Realities and Opportunities
- 2001: Women and Peace: Women Managing Conflicts
- 2000: Women Uniting for Peace
- 1999: World Free of Violence against Women
- 1998: Women and Human Rights
- 1997: Women at the Peace Table
- 1996: Celebrating the Past, Planning for the Future
- 1975: First IWD celebrated by the United Nations
The aspect that makes me most nauseous. How often do we need to read about equality, equal rights and equal access?
The world needs to change. For girls especially. My advice:
For every person who makes you feel bad, because you’re a girl – breathe.
For every person who says your opinion is unimportant, because you’re a girl – ignore them.
For every person who offers rudeness, because you’re a girl – thank them for reminding you of good manners.
For every person who calls you stupid, because you’re a girl – stand tall.
For every person who wants you to hurt, because you’re a girl – thank them for hiding behind pettiness.
For every person who denies women’s achievements, because you’re a girl – defeat them and strive for whatever inspires you.
For every person who judges your value based on how you look, because you’re a girl – be comfortable in your own skin, with your own face, elevate your mind over superficiality.
For every person who suggests anger and rage are masculine, because you’re a girl – yell and scream as much as you wish.
For every person who shares a rape joke – then tells you to lighten up, take a joke, because you’re a girl – report them.
For every person who thinks things are good enough the way they are, because you’re a girl – change them.
For every person who tells you it’s impossible to be as good as the boys, because you’re a girl – reject them.
For every person who thinks they can do anything to you without complaint or repercussion, because you’re a girl – show them you know your rights, your worth as an individual, and cannot be trapped by their miniscule mind.
©msdebbie 2012

Ina Mar contributed so much to our celebration in The Café and submitted two of her images to The Global IWD Women’s Arts Initiative and here at Pink Panther Magazine, we are all delighted and proud that two of Ina’s works were selected and exhibited.
“The “ideal” of woman in apron and heels (the work of sexual playmate and servant), displayed as object to own, complete with accessories and rotating pedestal, shown off at a trade show." Ina Mar

Self-Portrait as the Perfect Housewife © by Ina Mar

“A lily, symbol of purity and virginity, is almost always present on Annunciation images of the Renaissance. My lily is a little special as the stamen has the form of a penis. If love is one of the highest virtues, why did the bible choose a virgin to give birth to the son of god?” Ina Mar

Mi pasado y otras mentiras © by Ina Mar

A haunting image with a truly wonderful description, mourning the lack of maternal love, with its consequent repercussions of lack of self esteem.

Maternal Mourning – Self Portrait © by Jaeda DeWalt

A beautiful and emotive image looking at our past, present and future, made even more profound by the description…
“The one in which you live will be more vivid. But it may not be the one that is real.” Glitterfest

Past, Present, Future © by Glitterfest

This one, selected by msdebbie urges us to love ourselves, for when we do, freedom beckons.

when I loved myself enough …I began to taste freedom ♥♥ © by Sandra Ellen
When you come down from the mountain to skim your delicate diamond across the lily pond that is life; far reaching be the promise of forever’s cyclic ripple,
oh yeah!.
When you take that moment, that ripe and juicy moment and pin it to your beating breast to feel your now and then run with it like there is no tomorrow,
oh yeah!.
When your want becomes your will and nothing is your everything;
dare spin in the direction that guides you,
oh yeah!
When your very trickle becomes your gush and your tentative gives way to full of care immense,
oh yeah!
When mindfulness is your nature and bursts through as the sunshine of your heart,
a two step of your own peculiar waltz,
oh yeah!.
When you love yourself enough…
Guess what?
… Happy is your New Year !
© Sandra Ellen December 31, 2010

Let’s join together a fight societies’ attempts to mould us into fashionable and acceptable clones of each other.

Disguised and designed by Society © by helene ruiz

Whenever are we going to start loving ourselves? The sentiments portrayed in Helen’s strong image are so well echoed here in this thought-provoking poem by Shar.

For a friend © by autumnwind
first thing I notice
when I look at her anymore
are those laugh lines
and I wonder…
she still always smiles
and often giggles
surely she has had a good life
filled with laughter and love
her eyes though
as the years have past
since I’ve known her
most definitely have lost their sparkle
more and more I am aware
of those darn crows feet too
as young as she still is
society sure does a number on us
she’s often mentioned in conversation
‘and my teeth are not white at all
should I buy one of those
you know…whitening kits?’
she seems to worry so much more
it almost makes me like her less
I feel horrible about that
but it is true
get a grip woman
and count your blessings
is what I want to say
is how I really feel about her
for I know so many others
who are ruined, lost and alone
too many others… scarred and beaten
by life’s unjust cruelties
I often need to remind her
of her good qualities
just to cheer her and see that spark
it makes her look and feel so alive
she is alive after all
so breathe the free air
enjoy the blue sky
and relish the love in your life
yes, I will remind her
in a way she is more beautiful
with age, in fact
at times completely radiant
if you don’t love yourself
for who you are most of all
if you don’t let society
make you dwell on your outer beauty
if you don’t stop worrying
about what will be instead of what is
you are not really living
the life you were meant to live
yes, I will tell her
all of this and more
for she is so worth believing in
and believing in herself is crucial
so next time I promise to
and I will smile with my heart
and my eyes as I remind her
and her reflection in that darn mirror
better smile back…
© autumnwind 2012

Sometimes our own body image is so low that it is hard to get a grip.

Body Image… © by Georgi Ruley: Agent7

So it is time to do some redemptive work on self-discovery, improvement and responsibility.

A work in progress © by Su2anne
No matter that
I stitch and stitch
I can not
Sew fast enough
To stop unraveling
All manner of
Patterns and
Amazing designs all
End in the same way. A
Tangled mess.
Intangible. But a
Woman’s work is
Never done and
So like hope I
Never give up. With
Renewed focus of my
Mind my internal eye
Returns to the ongoing
Task of mending that of
© Su2anne 2012

Let us learn to rejoice and celebrate just who we are, revelling in both our essential femininity and inner strength.

My Delightful Girl © by Tamarra BaVincio

Let’s rejoice and celebrate too, all those different roles we play.

xxX A Mummas Love Xxx © by lovemexxx

Let us all sing our songs together.

it doesn’t matter if no-one hears your song © Alenka Co
it doesn’t matter if no-one hears your song
reads your words, sees your image ….
stay true and your song will drift through the air
melding with other such songs into a universal chorus
untainted by fakery, contrivance and pretence
you have a voice, dear ones,
sing your songs
© Alenka Co 2012

Congratulations to you all.
I would like to end with a reminder to all our members.
Whilst I was choosing these features I came across some really wonderful images that were worthy of being featured. However, they contained no descriptions to help us understand the meaning of the images nor understand what the feminist issues were. So, please do remember to add your descriptions to all the images you submit to Pink Panther Magazine. Not only does it allow us to properly match your images to a feature theme, but, more importantly it helps us get our message across to so many other women out there.

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