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The Way You Walk - Features - 25/04/2012

I have been thinking about sisters and sisterhood a lot this week. We’re all different on the outside, we live in different circumstances, different countries, we are different ages, but underneath we’re alike and we face many of the same problems and challenges. It’s good to know that, and it’s even better to know we’re not on our own and there is strength and power in that. However, it’s not just what we do but how we do it and how we face up to the trials facing us… the way we walk with grace and in our own unique way. Take heart. :-)

Our thoughts are free and they will set us free.

Die Gedanken sind frei … by © Catrin Welz-Stein

To grow we first have to accept and understand.

The constancy of change by © su2anne
Today I unstitch
Lay out and
Look to
Understand the
Makings of
Me. And in
Doing thus I
See my
Where to
Apply the salves. To
Bank the
Fires and
Nurture and feed the
Stronger and more
Sound. I stand before
You as truly
Me… this labor of
Love must be done
Again and
Sometimes I can
Forget this state of
Change and the need to
Evolve. However this is my
One and only
Constant. To
Begin again…
To learn anew…

Sometimes all we can do is walk away and begin anew somewhere else.

Just Walk Away… by © Carol Knudsen

Relationships are complicated things but a little acceptance and tolerance go a long way to make them work and to allow us to be happy.

Thoughts while surfacing from the deep…- by © autumnwind
I am not perfect
nor will I ever be
…at your beck and call
keep from me
all that is precious
if it is your choice
age is too wise
to let the hurt
scar me…
I reach a point
I do believe
where I brush it off
why dwell
on not being able
to be the answer
to someone else’s dreams
I have my own
no longer living
for yours
this is a different moon
it does not shine
for you
let us share the sun
there is so much room
do not be greedy
I may never understand you
you may resent me
get over it
I did nothing wrong
and if ever
I made a mistake
I made up for it
with a heart full of tears
and a freedom to love you
with apologies
and even this…was rare
so this is life
my advice ~ expect less
we will never be
what we want
from each other
let us just be grateful
for love
it is there
it is strong
it is enough
I will not be caged
nor let the respect
that you so often lack
bring me down
to the depths
of darkness I have traveled
you think you know me
you think you know much
you think too much
can you ever just…
stop and feel?
stop criticizing the world
and those
closest to you
just love me
without appraisal

The world can be a scary place and hiding from the monsters our only choice…

The Monster Garden by © strawberries

…and sometimes remembering who we are and where we come from can show us where our future lies.

The Garden by © MaryMac
broken and dry
the garden
tarmac replaces earth
hardened black tar over soil
natural instinctive movement
pushing toward sunlight
stretching upward
earth under pavement
bulbs and stems
growing upward
beauty and life sustained
life not seen
little girl remembers
picking lilacs with her mother
why do puzzle pieces become lost
natural instinctive behavior
fight or flight
little girl sits
remembering her mother
placing lilacs on the pavement
remembering her mother
picking flowers from the garden
And sometimes the monster inside us is special…

Katie - the Shark Princess  by © madworld

…and we need to embrace the power and strength of the monster inside us and stand strong to stay who we are and who we need to be.

Uranium Daughter by © RC deWinter
I am the product of decay.
The inevitable radioactive breakdown that occurs silently
as the cosmos whirls through the silent blackness
of space and time has produced me:
the uranium daughter.
I am the basest form of my mother,
I am heavy and mute and poisonous to the unwary.
My leaden reality is the final degradation in the long unknowable
history of creation.
There is no further evolution possible for me:
I am what I am.
Nothing man can do can change me.
I am here forever in my present incarnation.
You can step around me,
you can shield yourself from my reality
with rose-colored lenses,
you can remake my image into false idols
that allow you to sleep at night,
but I am the uranium daughter.
Despise me, deny me, repaint me,
I am always with you.
Through the sultry summers of tropical decomposition,
through the nuclear winters of your darkest dread,
here I am.
Embrace me,
the uranium daughter.

Hear Regina read the poem here

Despite all our effforts sometimes we seem to embrace nothing all and stand all by ourselves…

nursing emptiness by © sonja kallio

…but sometimes it’s only the eye of the storm and the beginning of change.

Cocoon by © Cynthia Lund Torroll
Go golden.
Wrap that saffron sheath
around face and form.
Close eyes. Let your tears
seal you in. Let the busyness of life go
on without you.

We all need to excorcise the things that hold us back…

the Exorcist by © Jessica Islam Lia

...and occasionally that means letting go and accepting the death of one thing before a new one can be born on the ashes like a phoenix.

ashes to ashes by © ShadowDancer
when I lost you, the fire in my heart died out and left only a crumpled piece of stationery where you could faintly see the remnants of promises made and faded memories that no longer have meaning, and each time my heart tries to beat again, little pieces flicker off… dried and burnt fragments of paper holding a love story that only used to be, leaving nothing in its place but a hollowed-out chest and veins full of ash.

I hope you enjoyed the features this week. Please congratulate the artists and writers.

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