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Eclectic - All That We Are - Midweek Features - 18/05/2010

Today, rather than let myself be tied down to a theme, I wanted to show the variety of all that we are here on Pink Panther. The depth and the many topics and subjects covered by the art and writing submitted is amazing and these features are a celebration of all the different things that matter to us. :-)

From those of us struggling to comply with the demands to fit in…

Influenced by © MotleyChloe

To those who struggle with what’s on the inside…

Alas, I am the Moon by © Debi Peralta

If I were the Sun
Giver of light and life
Warming the Earth and melting the ice of Winter
Calling deep into the soil to open its pores and make way for its bounty
Oh I would do so much more
My light would not cause humankind to turn away
But would bring new sight to the blind of mind
Giving light to consciousness
Opening portals to vistas of peace and equality
But I am relegated to stalk the night
Following obediently across the sky
The wicked temptress am I
Making mad the minds of men in my fullness
At times not even visible
Chased to the horizon by the Sun
Alas, I am the Moon

The demands society makes and forces upon us, which can leave us dispirited and hopeless…

Self Portrait by © Beth Consetta Rubel

The lies society tells us and expects us to believe…

Beyond Belief ( Collaboration with Charlie The Tramp ) by © MoonlightLover
At twilight in the eternal city
Here`s tragedy in life without no pity
Crowds of onlookers pray for peace
While pagans look for the Golden Fleece
But in the fountain of disbelief
There is generally little relief
They say the Holy Virgin Mother appears
Her blood and tears are souvenirs
Forgiveness and insanity matted in her hair
It’s short walk across to St Peters Square
The papal legacy hidden torture of despair
You can smell the stench of guilt in the air
Cherubs with evil smiles
Hang from shops for miles and miles
And priests that have never been put on trial
They stand in the aisle with a pedo-smile
Suffer in silence little children
Just follow us on our holier than thou pilgrim
Coins thrown into the Trevi fountain
Could never maketh a golden mountain
There is no true God
The Papal state is run by the mob
So say whatever you want to say
Heathens know that Sex and Money rule the day

And the lies we tell to hide how we feel inside…

Broken B&W by © michellerena

The vulnerability we cannot bear to show on the outside because we’re afraid of rejection…

Bipolar ©— by © Eastsider
I know at times I said things,
that made you feel so sad.
The last thing I ever wanted to do,
was make you feel so bad.
I know my moods would change,
you just couldn’t understand.
Even when I was angry,
I would hope you’d take my hand.
There are parts of my past,
I really must let go.
Once I learn to bury it,
I shall be able to grow.
I always have been honest,
I never told a lie.
There’s just one thing about me,
I always tried to hide.
I have to take medicine,
which helps to make me well.
I took myself off of them,
it made your life pure hell.
I tried so hard to tell you,
that I have a disease,
it’s name is called bipolar
I hope you forgive me please!

The misconceptions people have of us because of our age or gender…

Along, Came A Spider… by © Agent7

The need to heal and help…

Playing House by © Jenifer DeBellis

(click here to read the poem properly)

The love we feel for each other...

Hey Sista! by © Nicolette Thain

And the way we hurt each other instead of being there for one another…

sticks and stones ….. by © Alenka Co
When I was little I was told
that sticks and stones may break my bones
but words will never hurt me
yet words can stab the heart, my friend,
incite fear and hate and suspicion …..
When I was older I was told
the pen is mightier than the sword
but pens run out of ink, my friend,
and all the words that were ever writ
will never bring back the dead
and yet ….
words can heal,
soothe a grieving heart,
reach out to the lonely soul
share the pain we cannot bear alone
express the love we feel for one another

sticks and stones …..
by Alenka Co

The way we feel when love has gone…

she. by © Mushda

And the need for each other…

Fragments of the falling sky by © April Mansilla
Look up the sky is falling…
Will you hold it up for me just today, maybe tomorrow for the rest of the life of this depression
Will you be everything I love; my stars and warm water everything that just seems out of
Reach today.
I Looked in the mirror and watched the illness in my eyes
The flicking images of the life of me.
Many of you live in there close to my heart
Of course
Heart work please
I close my eyes waiting for the
Tap tap
I am here
You are alive again
And the melancholy moves like rain
my tears thunder
My veins light up and crack
Is this what it is meant to be living
All I wanted was to be the flip side of the leaf
The side that catches the sun and illuminates
Before the storm
Not this shell who breathes with down set eyes
And a hand over her mouth
Run Wake up from those dreams and take refuge
And it fooled me for a second
When I rested my head against the cool window
The tap tap
Of rain
I hear the growl from the heavens
I done…
Will you take my steps where my mind needs to go?
Will you run fast for me from the dark and the caged beliefs?
Because everything just seems out of reach today
Don’t give up on me
There is so much amazing art and writing here in the group. Be proud of yourselves and congratulations to all the artists and writers featured. :-)

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