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Extraordinary Connectedness -- Sunday Features 29 May 2011

Burned out, a faded star on the darkest night. Roughed up, worn thin by the rotation axis of the squeaky wheel. Withdrawn, a parched wasteland withered from the decay of neglect…
There’s a connectedness that often exposes itself through poetry and art. When one loses her luster, the entire night sky dresses in mourning. When one suffers, the whole embodiment of the united spirit feels the infliction. When one slips as a refugee into the internal abyss of hiding, the incarnation feels the gravitational pull of her falling away. This week’s features weave and intertwine in these very extraordinary ways, ways that are undeniably enigmatic in their unity. 

It’s sparked by a moment of mourning, where being trapped behind the veil of one’s own skin takes on levels of alone.

 Under My Skin © by Ariana

There are levels of alone that no soul should ever uncover. And there are depths of fear that should never be traversed alone.

and what about stars and fireflies- © by autumnwind
incoherent moonless midnight
and the rains
bore holes
in my shelter
floods here and there
helter skelter
the boogey man comes to my door
though he is overbearing
large and cumbersome
I see him approach
through the keyhole
with eerie horror movie speed
the headless horseman
and I cannot flee
cannot lock my door in time
at once
(isn’t it ironic)
I think to pray
this my prayer
flashing before my soul eyes
so you thought you could handle it
but things spin out of control
legitimate reasons
propelling you
just for now… just for him… just today
just for sanity’s sake
you rationalize
and too late decide
dear God, I have made a mistake
like time it creeps up on you
a viper
surprising you with a well earned fate
poisoned inside
a part of you died…
as you wonder
is it still too late?
dive into the abyss of lies
let your fear
convince you
and tomorrow…
you will be brave
for now
you justify
vindicate yourself
as the black hole
swallows you
and you close your eyes
all the while
indulging in white rabbit dreams
of what could have been
so run away
fly away
whatever it takes
butterflies fall blackened
trails of ashes…
… to ashes…
please save me

Yes, she threw it out to sea, hoping to bury it deep enough, to drown out the madness. But nothing was strong enough to keep the chaos of her undoing at bay.

Shores of the Manic Sea © by Agent7

While treading the waters of the nightmare, her silent scream wouldn’t dream of giving up.

My Heart Screams but No One Hears the Silence © by SimplyRed
beneath the lavender bush
a quiver of sorrow
drifts gently by
on Autumn breeze
her scent
unfamiliar to many
but blinded eyes
see all…..
surrounding lilac
my very being
yet disturbing
all my senses
not ignored only
gently placed
on pillows
of comfort
I give
my heart
my all
my life…
to others
but self
I glimpse
of youth
and serenity
ripples of
Wizard Lake
silent fantasy
my very
for what
enchants me
is foreign
to only

She could feel it as she pushed a littler harder. She could see it on the other side of blue.

The Depth of Blue © by berns

In midnight blue burning into dawn, she paints her guilt into a shadowbox for safekeeping.

I Due Kry © by Edibl3leper
Not tonight
or tomorrow.
Not mixed with the gin,
used to keep away sorrow.
Not ever again,
at least not in front of you.
In days gentle shadow,
tinged with warm orange taint.
I’ll hide the shame
with a self-conscious girl’s restraint.
One more time,
to keep you safe.
So now I lay me down to sleep
upon a guilty pleasure I use to paint
my waking into rest
morph my devil to a saint
For the last time,
because I cannot hold you here.
In such visions you lay upon my chest,
eyes closed
breathing slow
In such flights of fantasy,
my hands slick your chestnut hair
behind polish ears
that are cold and soft.
In these dreams,
I kiss you soft and motherly
I breathe you in
and taste you.
In these nightmares,
you love me
like I love you
maybe more.
In these undoings,
we love each other
not just
I you.
You saturate me, you plague me, and forever you will rape what could be perfect. The whole time hating me because I love you.

From the dust she was fashioned. From the dust she will blossom.

Primordial © by AlenkaCo

Primordial © by AlenkaCo
you emerged from the primordial ooze
with all the other life on earth
but your evolution had an interesting twist
that made you separate from all else
it’s not that you are more intelligent
don’t kid yourself about that
I’ve seen a raven make a tool from wire
to pull food out of a jar
and it’s not that you developed speech
I’ve listened to swallows converse
it’s something more intrinsic
that makes you strive beyond yourself
can it be that you alone are aware of death
you’ve searched for the meaning of life
in books and words
believed what others say
what if the answers are not out there at all
but inside your primordial soul
Even the desert, parched with crusted over layers of guilt and condemnation, cannot completely disconnect her from the nourishment of the embodiment.

You Belong © by Janis Zroback

How long will it take her to shake free of the bonds of self-doubt in order to release her true reflection?

Trying to Find Myself © by Christina Rodriguez
I feel scared…
Am I nervous…?
I can never tell…
My heart pounds…
Do I miss you…?
I need you to find me…
I feel you so lost and alone…
Will I ever go beyond this?
Apprehension has taken over…
I am just a blanket of terms now…
Where is the one I am searching for…?
I will never find you again…
If I did find you, I would get lost…

Rise up, o warrior spirit! Take back that which has be pillaged during that season of captivity. The hour is at hand.

The Warmonger © by virgosun

Pick up that torch lit by incarnate forerunners and illuminate the whole city with that impassioned spirit of the survival warrior.

Little Woman — Warrior Large © by dab
Left on an island overnight
by her own fucking family
With a man they knew molested
and her younger sisters three
She tore her favorite necklace from her neck
and threw it to the wind
Screaming at them in outraged disbelief
Adult, age ten
She sat up all night
White-knuckle grip on a knife
“If you come near them I’ll kill you”
She stared wildly into his eyes
Powerful girl warrior, much larger than her size
Her sisters slept and were okay
She… She remembers it like it was yesterday
She… She is my mother
and Warrior
and legacy
She gave me life, then wings
So I could fly, free
The gifts she gave are of magnitude so great
I can but ill describe the overflowing it creates
Of her strength, to this day, I remain utterly amazed

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