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In Dreams Exposed - Sunday Features, 15/05/2011

Mixed in between the layers of fear, frustration, and despair is a spirit longing to dance in the open air. Caged somewhere within the walls of a diaphragm is a voice waiting to be released from its captivity. Lodged somewhere in a neglected corner of a heart is a bleeding desire to pour out love and receive it back tenfold. Asleep upon the pillow tops of imaginations is a dream sitting in the wings, waiting for its stage directions. And perched atop these intricate layers is the woman peering out through curios eyes, wondering how and where she fits into it all.
This week’s features are a wonderful representation of the phases of reflection and contemplation women find themselves experiencing within a moment, a day, a week, a lifetime. It’s an endless cycle of fruitful meditation — a journey of healing, discovery, and revelation. May we all draw encouragement and strength from these testimonies and expressions translated into beautiful imagery.
Silence can be maddening. How long can she hide behind the mask before the volatile emotions find a way out?

Self Portrait 06 — Fear and Anger by © Christina Rodriguez

There’s always the risk that these repressed emotions will stagnate if left to their own devices
for too long. And indifference is a realm of the ugliest proportions.

Indifference by © callmejulia
Somewhere between Eden and the City we lost ourselves;
Compassion is eroding.
It is being washed away by humans who lack humanity.
Worse than feral animals
They are machines made of gears and greed
Instead of heart and thought.
This toxic stream of mankind is eroding my mountain being
Creating a schism within me.
Slowly, I can feel my heart begin to turn instead of beat.
I am becoming a part of this ill-oiled machine.

Just take a look around the next time the waters of doubt and isolation creep up around you;
you may be surprised to discovery you were never alone in your drowning.

The Same Deep Water As You by © Heather King

Let the walls of our feuding hearts and minds in ruins come down lest we perish
altogether under the sleeping dream.

Love among the Ruins by © MoonlightLover
We lived and breathed in ghetto shacks
Living with the stray cats
In Love in the eternal city
In Love among the filth and gritty
In the forum we slept
In the Coliseum we wept
a pair of star crossed lovers
freezing under the covers
The Moon is blue
and so are you
you have never been so beautiful
The Gods rue over our misspent youth
for we are the Roman Romeo and Juliet
Now is our moment of truth
No feuding houses of Montague and Capulet here
We are just a hapless pair living in perpetual fear
The world’s a stage and we its acting fools
Stumbling over man-made rules
This is Shakespeare’s urban hangout
Where the streets are a sellout
Lying in the gutters and through the bars
staring up at the moon and the stars
The pope maybe sleeping
He can’t hear our weeping
His Vatican bank
is just another high class skank
But just one more fix
Will do the trick
Take this and you’ll feel better
And I will soon join you in the nether
Juliet you look so serene
You and I will forever dream

That’s right, peel back the layers of those buried dreams… Do you see her? Although the battle rages,
she’s found enough courage to peek out from what the world has dubbed as ruins.

Underneath by © unbeknown

Those dreams must be uncovered as sometimes those very dreams are the only things that can refresh a weary soul.

Sometimes… You Feel… by © Karo (caroline) Evans
“Sometimes, you feel, that death can be so sweet!
Sometimes you want to envelop yourself into a blanket ,weaved by threads of dreams….and fly….
Above the mountains and the oceans!,
You feel sorrow,
Absorbing you into a strange valse!
Where is Peace felt and obtained?
Can your soul reach that inner joy and satisfaction!
Where, you receive the gift of life divine!
That can dry your tears away,
That can give you a new purpose!
When your eyes are looking to the heavens,
Reaching out for the only help,
That can refresh your soul!

And it only takes a moment to reach up and catch those dreams before they float into some else’s reality.

Parachute by © nanaris

Day in and day out, the dreams they come and then they go, but they’re always there
like the ancient trees, whispering their promises.

The Story Tree by © dab
The trees are standing there staring at me
they’re whispering round
300 years……. 400 years……..
six hundred years
(the train is speeding me through
the sub-

how many somersaults they watch tumble
as eyes watch their leaves
To the ground
Day: in
Day: out
a story’s spring
a story falls

just a brief interlude
just a brief interlude
before the return
of spring

There’s a reminder that often goes unheeded to simply be still and listen to the trees in all their ancient wisdom.

Sticks and Stones by © Alenka Co

For those trees are longing to pass on the secrets about life and love and happiness.

The Secret’s Out by © Unique-Mystique
With the wind so colourful
The trees sway within the breeze
And I hear your heart beating
Like now, your secrets out
It’s protruding louder as the day progresses
With the smell of your essence
It’s an embraceful touch
To finally mutter these sweet words
“I Love You so very much”.

Now exposed is the wisdom of ancient dreams (and a few disappointments hiding in the shadows,yes),
but the delighted memories of cherished achievements overshadow them.

The Bright Shadows of My Old Schoolroom by © Judy Jones

And what fills the air when all the walls have come down? When all the secrets have been shown the light?
Love does, in all it’s radiant glory and spendour, it pours forth and lights the night sky.

bittersweet and beautiful by © autumnwind.
etched deep within me
she is the bright
white yellow
of ethereal beauty
moments in time
the delicate power
of lilac’s scent
permeate the breath of her
the sea of golden grasses
own her heart
as the winds command
their ballet and song
which she consumes
so dreamily drawn
her pain
her gift
her tears
her words

her joy
the world

I think of numbers
and falling stars
the queen of magic
I think of eight…
and this year
maybe for many before
I hold her tight
we share
a sacred cave
of cold and dark
at times…
the light
(often hers she shines so bright)
when there is whisper
in the winds
my hairs stand on end
to spin a spirit dance
of knowing…
feeling you strongly today
my sister
I have always missed you
stay close
to beautiful promises
will be waiting for you…
as I forever recall
and hold onto your words

“meet me in the light…”

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