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Freedom and control, exploration and self-discovery - Sunday Features 27/03/2011

Freedom and control, exploration and self-discovery are the themes of this weeks featured art.

“Let the oppressed have a voice, – Let them speak out”, by our talented photographer Berns, is a powerful portrait that makes you take notice. Throughout Berns’ photographs we see a whole spectrum of strong women, and her commentaries always add an extra dimension to her work. This is fabulous.

Let the oppressed have a voice! Let them speak out! by © Berns

“Scars” by Isa Rodriguez is another powerful and dramatic work, with words that talk about weakness, set against a portrait of strength. The haunting look in the eyes make us wonder about what has happened to cause these emotional and physical scars.

Scars by © Isa Rodriguez

Electrocute" by Moonlight Lover, again caught my eye for its drama and passion. However, when I read the dialogue, I laughed out loud.

“And God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light, but the Electricity company said to me I would have to wait until next Thursday to be connected.”

What a joy this is.

Electrocute by © MoonlightLover

I love “Riders across the ocean” for its beauty, but also for the wonderful sense of freedom and sisterhood that it portrays. It is an image that is so full of life, friendship and hope.

riders -across the ocean by © maria paterson

“Mother with chid – devastated” by Marlies Odenhal is a moving tribute to the victims of the disasters in Japan. It made me want to cry, and, like much of her work, the power of the image lies in its understated composition.

Mother with child – devastated by © Marlies Odehnal

Another understated image, – “Isolated” by Karen Clark, forcefully makes us think about the issues, causes and effects of isolation in our lives. We see a slightly blurred pair of eyes looking outwards through a small hole in the door, and the haunting look of despair in the woman’s eyes, stops us in our tracks and makes us think. This is an image which will stay with me for ever.

Isolated by © Karen Clark

By contrast, “freedom Cry” by becca2425, is a high key portrait which simply seems to celebrate strength and freedom. It is full of life and love.
Freedom Cry by © becca2425

On a similar theme, “All I can do is to be me – whoever that is” by Constaza Caiceo is an image which speaks of freedom. We see a young woman with a defiant look in her face, trying out new attitudes and poses. It reminds us of youth, uncertainties and hope for the future.

All I can do is to be me, Whoever that is by © Constanza Caiceo

I am a huge fan of the painting of eoconnor (Liz) and this one is no exception. I love the quirky ‘primitive’ feel that runs throughout all her paintings, – each one of which makes a an important point. This one is strongly feminist and Liz explains it far better that I can…“WE CAN BE WHAT EVER,WHO EVER WE WANT. THATS WHYBEING A WOMAN INTHE 21ST CENTURY I AM FREE TO BE ME!!”

21st Century Western Woman by © eoconnor

“Portrait of a Woman in Upper Dharamshala India”by Tatum Wulff shows, once again, what a talented photographer she is. This image jumped out when I saw it for the fathomless expression in the woman’s face. What is she thinking – and why? Fabulous photography Tatum.
Portrait of a Woman in Upper Dharamshala India by © Tatum Wulff (image no longer available on Redbubble)

“Control” by CassandraOfTroy is an intricate and detailed image which so well illustrates the binding and restricting nature of control. A strong and powerful image.

Control by © CassandraOfTroy

Agnès Trachet’s "Portrait Of My Daughter’ caught my eye immediately, not only for the explosion of colours and textures that are so typical of Agnès’ work, but for the beautiful and enigmatic mood captured in the face. There is a hint of her eyes peeping through the glasses and a smile that melts the heart. The love of the mother for her daughter shines through the work. The daughter looks strong, free and brimful of love.

portrait of my daughter by © agnès trachet

Congratulations to you all, and thanks for submitting your art to the group.xx

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