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Seeming, Beeing and the Treasure at the Heart of it - Features - 18/01/2012

My first features of this year and I wanted to make them a little bit special. The end of one year and the birth of a new one always makes us think about what we have achieved so far and what we still want to achieve or maybe we just want to let go of things and make a fresh start.
It’s funny how we seem to be so many different things to other people, how we are other things to ourselves and at the bottom of it maybe we are all the things we seem to be and all the things we feel ourselves to be. So this is the topic for this week. :-)
Let’s jump right in.

This is the image that started my train of thought, or rather the title of the image. We rarely share all that we are with others, and, even if we try, it doesn’t always come across. There are always pockets too deep to fathom.

you think you know me …. you only kow half of what i want you to know by © ARIANA1985

And maybe it’s what we need to find happiness, to keep some special secrets from others and treasure them, bits of self that are safely hidden from view.

The Moon I Was Born Under by © Katie Leonatti
This is the moon I was born under
After the sun’s blades churned away
And all that clung to the sky was
An orb of white,
Steady and beady like a cyclops’ eye.
My heart is feathery,
Hot silver pulsates through my veins.
I am no longer the invisible woman
Who can only wave good bye.
I have reached that spot in my mind
Where the sorbet paved road
Races parallel to the blushing
Cherry blossoms.
I gingerly cradle muted pink
Petals in the palm of my pocket.
I must protect my pouches of happiness.

Although there are of course always those that know us like no one else does and accept us in a way no one else ever could.

~ at last ~ by © jacqleen

The knowledge that there is at least one other who knows and accepts us allows us to go deeper and find more hidden treasures, little secrets hidden even from ourselves.

Taking the plunge by © msdebbie
Taking the plunge,
diving for hidden
treasure. To know
myself completely.
Saturate myself;
soaked through
the slippery slide
of life unfolding
like a sea urchin.
I wash away my doubts,
forget my clumsiness,
floating like clouds;
not drifting aimlessly,
I am purposeful.
Immersion is
powerful, a comfort.
I watch the water;
outside the gate,
I watch you smile.
You who lacks
delight in the dive,
but knows my
love for waves,
wetness, water.
Whether tangled
in the seaweed,
or caught in the
undertow, my love,
I feel the currents
flow between us.
I gush while
Your love helps
me breathe,
release the water
within, so I recall
how to float, how
to find myself.
Still, peaceful,
carefree, empowered.
Plunging perfectly,
diving for the
hidden treasure
we find in each other.

Fear plays a big role in self discovery because only by facing them can we learn more about ourselves and grow.

fear’s a man’s best friend by © annacuypers

And then there is doubt, the child of fear, that makes us consider and re-consider the steps we take, but in conquering doubt we find wisdom.

Faraway by © Sukhwinder Flora
Will they see us in the Sun.
The Seas are burning
But everyone,
Watches standing by.
No one asks,
No reasons why.
The Oceans have all gone.
Foreign clay.
The kids have fled,
Are on the run.
The bubble bursts
And I’m alone
The clouds are grey outside
The tears don’t seem to dry
When the day is
Gone and done
The skies ablaze.
I’m tired of singing,
On my own.
Wax and wane.
The phases break
Among old stones
A bird, a broken branch,
Us strolling hand in hand.
All signs say you’re the one.
Choice awaits.
Shakes my foundation to the core.
He’s changing fate.
I know i’ve felt this way before.
You haven’t sung in a while
And the flames gone from your eyes
Your heart is turning numb.
You move, in shades.
My cave of feathers turn to ash.
Heart beat waves,
Burns a hole towards the past.
Im the dreamer in his songs.
I never was meant to belong.
Wont you come and take me home?
It feels too late,
Some think the paths already paved.
Light the way.
With your wisdom, overcome.
These hands have turned to dust,
And my veins begin to rust,
I move further from the truth.
State of mind,
While everyone
Is passing by.
On and on.
They turn
They look
They smile
But there’s nothing in those eyes
Aluminium tongues

Our past is the ground we build upon and it can be shaky ground indeed or terra firma that allows us to build our dream castles.

Afore by © Agent7

What went before is what makes us who we are now and we can only be whole if the whole is accepted and maybe we should be the first ones to accept ourselves, rather than waiting for someone to do it for us?

The Plastic Bottle by © LauraBroussard
I was lost……
in a sea of my own emotions.
Feeling like a tossed plastic bottle……
I reached the shore.
Would anyone ever find me,
and the letter written inside of my body ?
Just cast against the wash of thrash on the shore….
But, inside the bottle,
a letter waited for someone to find.
Would I ever be found ?
it is hard to say……..
because, I was just thrown against this shore,
and, I look like trash.
But, what they didn’t know,
was that my life story,
had been written in that letter – -
that letter that had been stuffed with gentle fingertips …..
into that plastic bottle……….
before it had been cast out into the sea.
We shall never know…..
if I will be “found” ……….
maybe, I’ll wash back out to sea, ……..
and, bobb around for a while more.
January 8, 2012.

Sometimes it may seem that our dreams are impossible and that from where we are right now they are as far away as the stars, but only by believing will we ever reach them.

Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.Langston Hughes by © laruecherie

So often it seems that it is others that hold us back, when in fact it is we, ourselves, our fears and doubts keeping us on the ground. Time to grow wings.

the monkey bars by © autumnwind
I don’t belong here
I am not good enough
keep pushing me down
as you torture my soul
I’m sure I will drown
I will never live up
to your expectations
making it hard
to ever know of my own
keep kicking my spirit
while you spit in my face
stick the knife in
yet deeper
and then dig me my grave
there are shadow people

you know that dream
the simple one
of just being accepted
for who you are
the burning desire
to be free
of all those things
that limit you
hold on tight
it will come
your saving light
and spread its wings
of freedom
into your every day
and lonely night…
dream with me
and hold on tight
I’ve seen it happen
I know I’m right
while you’re crying
blood laden tears
a tomorrow awaits you
bereft of all fears
is not just a word
it’s a living
of visions you hold
deep in your heart
of what tomorrow
will bring
while you are crying
blood laden tears
a tomorrow awaits you
bereft of all fears

And sometimes the adversities we face are the building blocks of the life we make, they can hold us back or help us become.

faceless by © April Mansilla

Sometimes the things we want the most are those we cannot have, but we still have the sense of them, the hint of just the possibility to hold and treasure.

Immortal Goodbye by © mermanda
Laying in my grave
underneath the veiled sunlight
your dead erratic heart beating
locked in a chest next to mine
the key was lost
through centuries of time
you fade away to moonlight
we meet only then
sunrise and sunset
the beginning and the end
that small moment where light meets day
a million butterflies
their colors to reconstruct
fluttering to the rhythm
you resonate a reason to not give up
keep searching for the key
to unlock the love
and set us free
but for now
our love is being bound
ground into stone
in a chest our hearts beat alone
statues of stories going untold
so mortal humans they continue to lie
you smile
but I cry
painful bliss
we meet like this
a teaser of love
to reach but never touch
that kiss from a million years ago
the immortal goodbye
is all the life we know

Quite a journey today! Hope you enjoyed. Please remember to tell the artists and writers if you were touched by their art and writing.

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