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The Cycle of Dreams - Features - 30/05/2012

This week’s collection has been inspired by

Janis Zroback © The Dreamer or the Dream.

Ask a woman her story and it is bound to be full of dreamscapes—lost ones, found ones; deferred ones, attained ones; neglected ones, nurtured ones; old, disintegrating ones, new, incubating ones… For me, as I come upon the home stretch of completing my undergraduate studies—a long deferred and discouraged dream—I cannot help but be caught up in the euphoria of finally crossing the finish line and joining the ranks of the others who have gone before me, those who prepared the way. As I assess the many dimensions of my academic experience, I am reminded of all of the dreaming that went into this endeavor. Some aspects of the dream did, in fact, remain intact in their original forms, whilst others died off, completely changed composition, or blended with other elements in order to provide new angles worthy of exploration.
Regardless of these intricacies, one thing stands out the most, that being: the invaluable support and contributions of those who rallied behind me, helping and encouraging me accomplish this lifelong dream. Whatever the stages of your dreaming processes are, just remember to dare to dream. Those who truly care about you will become your circle of invaluable support; embrace them like the lifeline that they are. When one dream dies, be ready to embrace the new one that is just around the corner. When one seems like it’s slipping out of reach, tighten up the shoelaces, take a deep breath, and push a little harder—trust me, you’ll get there. And never allow a single soul to stifle or reduce your dreams; they are yours to figure out.

The best place to begin assessing one’s dreams is to begin the search.

Searching by © LisaMM

Behold the empowerment of deep-sea exploration. Wonder what may by resting on the surface floor, or beneath that shipwreck…

Diving (poem of empowerment) by © msdebbie
I am not an especially strong
swimmer, but even so,
the ocean calls to me.
When I visit my cousin
in far north Queensland,
I always savour the reefs.
Ridiculous though I may be,
I enjoy the rubbery goodness
of a wetsuit and flippers.
Preposterous really,
how large my feet are,
how inelegantly I wobble.
The ladder from a boat
is intriguing, it lies
Until you need to
step from its rungs,
dive deep.
Deeper, deeper.
Oxygen mask
Moving from the blue blue
To the green aquamarine
To black flashes.
and yet
In the ocean
I do not fear sharks,
But myself.
I might explore
a shipwreck,
hidden treasure.
Or find the emptiness
of myself, wishing
I was a mermaid.
This is the place.
Water soothes me,
inflates my soul.
For though I am
largely earth-mother,
I want to explore.
The fish, the coral,
immerse myself
in the wreck.
I am complete.
There are no words.
Drowned eyes wide open.
I breathe differently,

Take time to reflect and assess those dreams; don’t worry; you’re worth the investment of time.

Time for Reflection Xxx by © lovemexxx

Weave a web of protection, if you must, keeping the nightmares out, while allowing the dreams to find their way through.

Dream catcher by © Dorina Costras

For when you simply desire most to reclaim the dreams that managed to get caught up in the attic corner cobwebs…

shadow dreaming by © autumnwind
every day the drab and gray
pierce me
with a sun blinding sword
meant for its mark
my days
the build up
of droplets on my windows
my view
an insidious blur
wishing to scrape away
what is not even there
I crave any sight
I long for the end of numb
mindless repetition
filling me with dread
of no spark
it’s good to feel selfish
I am the prairie girl
the mermaid
and the astronaut
the crisp apple’s bite
and smell of my lover’s sweater
in autumn
I am nothing
without freshly fallen snow
kissing my face red
in biting winter cold
wake me up

though I am hushed
by butterflies
dragonflies and flowery
blue sky moments
I suffer spring and summer
where I do not belong
icicle dreams melt
my running free barefoot spirit
truth is
my destiny is storm
my vitality
the howling wind
threatening dark
I crave a life I lost somewhere
energize me
let lightening strike
this simple rain
is killing me

Although each dream is beloved, knowing when to let go of one in order to make room for another is a necessary step.

Goodbye by © Marg Thompson Photography & Fine Art

Just as the cycles of life are never-ending, so too are the cycles of dreams.

rebirth by © helene ruiz

Build a place of safekeeping, where your dreams can endure the elements before their time of bloom.

Nest by © WhickedlyLovely

Don’t shy away from a new vision, even if, in its newness and loose form, it is difficult to call by name.

Sin título by © Barbara Bezina

Dare to weave the dreams that are sure to lead somewhere.

Not ready yet by © Vesna VD
It’s almost noon
I am not ready yet
Today the Sun came out too soon
I am weaving the dreams
They are leading somewhere
At least, it seems
You can’t stop your rotation
But in the stillness I see all the possibilities
I am swirled in the quiet fascination
I am not ready yet
Sorry, I’ll be late
Maybe I’ll meet you at Sunset

 If your dream is simply to fly, find a way to step into the clouds.

To Fly by © Kanchan Mahon

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