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Midweek Features 8/12/2010

This week’s features are selected by the way we see ourselves and the way we’re seen by others. Enjoy!

This image caught my this morning when I was moderating. Fabulous diptych (yes, I am into diptychs at the moment) with a meaning so true and harsh but wonderfully depicted.

Don’t Pull My Strings by Geraldine (Gezza) Maddrell
Don’t Pull My Strings by Geraldine (Gezza) Maddrell

This poem hit me – the way our mothers influence us. The way their displeasure lives with us forever… and it also shows the differences from one generation to the next.

Holy Ground by © Beautifuldreamer
Your anger, mother,
is as quiet as your hands
folded mutely in your lap at church,

hands that ( not unlike your anger)
will not fidget or move a muscle
to do this that or the other,
whether good or evil.

What’s the matter, mother, that you can’t stir yourself
from suburban apathy
long enough to rage,

can’t rouse yourself
from your greed induced stupor
long enough to knock that grin off my face
to knock me into next week or,
as promised, beat me till I can’t sit down for a week?

In your pew you never miss a beat—-
a bent knee, closed eyes
lowered head, humble mumble,
on-key singing—-never miss the slightest outward form
of dignified rectitude
while at home you are blinded to
my hunchedback walk of shame,
and my inability to make eye contact.

Oh mother, it’s not your puckered brow
which worries me so,
but your sour puckered soul
spit-shined once a week,
dressed in smart garb
to match the solemn decor of our church:

muted colors in tasteful undertones,
non-offensive like your anger,
the anger which no one sees but me,
and I’m not even trying;
I’m staring at your heels
as we leave the sanctuary.
I blink at the incongruity
of their keen clickety-clack
on cemented walk.

Oh mother, take off your shoes,
The ground on which you’re standing is holy ground.

Although Geraldine already has a featured image in this ‘show’, I had to include this. It was impossible to resist, especially as it fits so neatly with my theme. So forgive me for featuring Geraldine twice today…

Ribbon & Lace Maketh Not The Girl by Geraldine (Gezza) Maddrell
Ribbon & Lace Maketh Not The Girl by Geraldine (Gezza) Maddrell

So many truths in just one poem. Religion and women has always been a ‘hot topic’ and religion has done a lot (of harm) to the way we think of ourselves, not just as women but as human beings.

To Be or not to BE by © tinhearts
Should I stay or should I go
Too many ignorant stones to throw
Filling our bodies with filth and lies
No wonder so many people everyday die
One does not know until they break through
Tears fall short of what the rain can do
Washing the memories that we wish to ignore
Still leaves us crying and craving for more
We live our whole life in Sunday school
Praying and obeying all man made rules
Just to find out it’s been all wrong
Religion is one powerful sorry song
Who starts the anger in the hearts of men
Who strikes out against crying babies and women
Who starts the wars in the name of peace
Money rules through a rich pockets piece
If there is justice in this world
Sing me a song and give me a twirl
I don’t fall for words of men
Time and time I’ve been lied to again
It’s time to find out what’s actually true
A spiritual being begging inside of you
Craving to love
Calling from above
What religion does
Is kill dreams we dream of
Peace be still
That voice is instilled
Listen to what is really revealed
Instead of what religion has muted and sealed
Listen to the spirit the seed your aware of
Everyone knows it’s what we should take care of
We all have the light of love in our hearts
That’s why we are here repenting through art
Live for the life inside of you
Find your true identity that you were meant to do
Excuses come cheep to a fallen soul
To lazy to believe what will make them whole
Nobody cares to seek the truth
Teaching that money buys happiness to our youth
Fall on your faces and beg if you dare
To give up your selfish wanton cares
I’ve had it all and still wanted more
Now I have nothing worth locking the door
Finally a whisper I listened to
Removed the disease I’d been enslaved through
Love is the answer can’t people get it
Knock yourself out and start to get with it
Man carves in stone
Give up the fight and allow love to rule your throne
Tears can pave if you don’t want to change
Hell is inside man being arranged
Nobody cares if you live or die
People everyday over tombstones cry
Do you want to live, really live your life
Follow your heart where love has no strife
No ears will hear what the Spirit is saying
Stiff necked people selfishly praying
If you have eyes to see
God bless you I pray to thee
Love is free
For you and me
Choose life intimately
Peace and joy ultimately
Do you want to be
Or actually BE

LOL You just have to love this. I think it should be hanging in every girl’s room. Wouldn’t make our job (as mothers) easier, but it’d do a lot for the independent strong woman of tomorrow. :-)

My rules by salena
My rules by salena

And here it is – the wanting, the need to be yourself and shine… what more can I say?

The Wanting – 1 by © chitrali
I want.
I want it all.


I want to be Rich and Powerful,
I want to be Glorious and Triumphant,
crushing all those who denied me before..

I want to be Loved, Admired,Respected by All: The darling of ‘Society’.
to show ‘them’ that i can be loved after all.


(I want to Love)
(and be loved in return)
(I want to be held and feel safe)
(I want to protect and soothe him in turn)
(I want to see the warmth in his eyes)
(I want to know it’s for me – and be contented)


I want.
I want it all.
I want all of that,
from just the one man,
The whole world.

There’s something captivating about this image, that draws you in. It’s a view, a perpective of the inside and it’s naked and vulnerable. Wonderful. :-)

Timor Servilis by Cynthia Lund Torroll
Timor Servilis by Cynthia Lund Torroll

I read this and imagined…

one woman by © doreen connors
i imagine today if more women’s hearts had been expressed (or viewed) in the past, through their art…imagine the centuries that missed out on this

of course, we cannot imagine the past or the future… in truth…
there are no ‘what ifs’… no ifs ands or buts…In deed!!

there is another truth that exists, right here, right now… anything is possible..
the past is changed, and the future never comes

this heart is expressed in the fullness of its magnitude which is limitless this moment

I love images of strong women, and how much stronger can you get than this – full of colour and vibrancy with a stern look that seems to say ‘now, look here, this is how it goes…’ another version of ‘my life, my rules’.

Funktified Fantasia by Agent7

Funktified Fantasia by Agent7

I loved the giddyness and excitement about this – the fulfillment and happiness. It’s lovely and a picture all in itself.

driving home by © clancy214
x over the moon
the song remains on a loop
i should have kissed you.
warm and sweet like
honey and midnights.
all in the kitchen sink
w/ winks and nudges and
heels and head over
spilled room temperature
tap water.

This is a fabulous image of the torment that sometimes holds us in a tight embrace and won’t let us go.

Tormented Elegance by pepper08
Tormented Elegance by pepper08

I had to include this. Apart from being one of my favourite poets on RB, Lianne has managed to put so much wisdom and heart into this and put a new spin on the breaking heart that has me in awe. A fitting poem to finish this feature.

Hearts Were Meant To Break by © Lianne
Hearts were meant to break
Love…requited…bursts them wide open
expanding them ever outward with the
awesome power of the big bang,
photon upon photon of love light -
an endless grace, that energy moving toward
the sacred consummation of intimate union.
And when stars cavort and gaily pour
the glittering dust of diamonds
into the space that love has opened
to receive it, a heart so fills with light
that it must split asunder to make room
for the more of love, the overflowing
river of it, the numinous, luminous constellations
of love light dancing through the cosmos.

[...] read the rest of the poem on Redbubble (click on the title of the poem to go to the RB page)

Please visit the artists’ pages and tell them how much you liked their work. Appreciation from our peers is wonderful and makes it all worthwhile. :-)

Sybille xo

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