Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Sunday Features 12/12/2010

A new venture this week. Sybille and I have each chosen six images, each representing a different view of ourselves as women. Each one shows a strength and emotion within ourselves, and each one tells a story. Together, they celebrate many different facets of our personalities.

We hope you will enjoy them.

Wind and Rain by Agent 7

Untitled by dmcart

The Red Nose by Agn├Ęs Trachet

A Chair For my Heart, please by Elisabeta Hermann

Black Orchid - Secret Keeper Series by Sybille Sterk

What We Carry by Carol Stocki

Southern Serenity by Lea Michelle

The Story of Frozen Dreams by Dorina Costras

The Bridge by moonspiral

Utai by Manolya F

Who Cares by Kallena Kucers

The Last Party by AnimiDawn

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