Sunday, 2 January 2011

First Features of the New Year - hope, determination and pride.

To celebrate the new year, we have some beautful art and writing from several of our new members, as well as some from our ‘oldies’. It is so heartening to see the quality of work that is coming into the group.

This week, I have chosen art and poems that show different facets of ourselves as women, and which exude strength, pride in being a woman, and the will to overcome any difficulties.

Congratulations to you all.

From one Princess to Another by © IrisR

Once upon a time, or so the story begins of a story being told
about a Princess’s happiness being spoiled by wicked witches
or wizards, sometimes to be shackled into a lonely castle, a deep state of deathlike sleep or into a cage of gold. We have all been fascinated by them since we were little girls. Why?  READ ON.....

Selfish footsteps by © wildwomenlove
As the Earth turns

so many women
dancing around tables
bringing offerings
of food and love
gifting of their nurture     READ ON...

You are a slice by © bjeliMis

You are white bread
You must not be brown, or whole, or rye
You must be white
You must be sliced evenly and accordingly
Your packages must all have the same amount
And you must always be “Wonder”-ful   READ ON...

cutting the ropes from the fall by © Shadow Dancer

those moments
when we resided in each others hearts
began to fade
leaving traces
of old lavender
wrapped between my fingers  READ ON...

On the Cusp of Womanhood by © Beautifuldreamer
On the cusp of womanhood a girl’s rounded cheeks become more angular
as the innocent chin of childhood defines itself into a force to be reckoned with.
Emerging hips, carved exquisitely out of a wealth of peaceful slumbers,
or cruelly hacked from brutal use,
complement the swell of newly formed breasts, risen mysteriously overnight
like mounds of bread dough covered in chaste cotton cloths.  READ ON...


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