Sunday, 16 January 2011

Stone Cold Foxy - Sunday Features 16/01/11

The features today were inspired by Margaret Bryant - her emotive image and the phrase - "Stone Cold Foxy" created a a concept which really piqued my imagination.
I hope you will enjoy all the images and writing featured today.

Stone Cold Fox Says Reading Is Sexy by © Margaret Bryant

I have been enamored of the expression “stone cold fox” since yesterday. So it had to be in the title. All women should tell themselves everyday that they are stone cold foxes, it just makes you feel good.
There is a great John Waters quote about the sexiness of reading -“We need to make reading sexy again. If you go home with somebody and they don’t have any books, don’t fuck them.”

Concerto by © Valentina63
I am the composer
re thinking every note,
timing every moment.
I am the pianist
hammering my will on every key,
my mind’s fingers dancing prestissimo.
I am the piano
lying silent,
waiting at the mercy
of each human stroke and tampered fate.
But Sometimes, ...READ MORE

Be Careful With My Paper Heart by © Lea Michelle

Feeling torn, crumpled and a little worn thin…A self portrait.

Paper Made by © bjeliMis

These ragtime days in paper towns on paper trains with paper sounds
We got a lot coming but don’t know where from
These are the dirty yesterdays
Of cracked puddles not yet done
The street lamps a fluttering so you best catch up
That light goes out and you’re done
Don’t forget all the wrappings and trimmings so nice
The wind cuts your face and burns your eyes like spice
So press that coat a little closer because that’s all you have left
You are paper made...... READ MORE

Longing for Happy Hippy days by © Berns

Xativa, Spain. This Lady, seems pensive, perhaps longing for those bygone days of the Hippys. In a crowded market, she seemed to distance herself from all around her, standing pensively looking at nothing, except perhaps her past.

leaving winter behind by © ShadowDancer

you want to focus on the present
as if you were suddenly grown up and matured
‘the past is the past’, so you say
and as these words fly from your lips
like little black birds flying south,
in your numb blue haze of reality
(the universe of shadows you live in)
you don’t even realize
that I have become .... READ MORE

Disappointment by © Geraldine Maddrell (image no longer available on Redbubble)
The gap in my stomach widens
my legs turn to jelly
groans vomit themselves
as I take in the facts

Wondering by © Sybille Sterk

I told you
to go away
to jump off a cliff
to leave for Neverland

I shouted and screamed
I stomped my foot and
I turned my back

I hurled poison darts at you
I shot you with a gun and
I stabbed you deep

I kicked you
I hit you
I drowned you
in ugly words and accusations
in bitter tears and threats
in cold smiles and haughty looks

And still you’re here
Asking for more…

Which makes me wonder...... READ MORE

Norma Jeane by © Anita Inverarity

Another in my series of “Tragic Beauties”. Remembering the ordinary women in history who were trust into the spotlight and through misfortune and a tragic end to their lives are remembered forever as victims.
A Homage to Norma Jeane AKA Marilyn

What's Mine is Mine by © BeautifulDreamer
I’m not giving up my dreams. The texture and weight of them have seen me through many a storm. The anticipation of their fulfillment has comforted me when no human comfort could be found. I’ve gazed into the very heart of my dreams, lulled into a state of contentment by their sheer beauty.
I’ve discovered along the rocky terrain I’ve traversed (in weather fair and foul) that not many traveling companions are worthy of sharing my dreams. I’ve dared not whisper them to one and all; I’ve hidden my heart away, and sighed over the necessity of doing so.
I’ve felt the sting of betrayal enough times to make my sense of caution a vital part of my vagabond’s stock in trade. My lifestyle would not suit all, for infrequently I’ve discarded the shallow, the frivolous, the spurious. I’ve no use for small talk and flattery. I’ve learned that not everyone is worthy of my trust, just as I’ve learned to keep my own counsel as much as possible. To those worthy of my confidences (and I’ve found these to be few, and far between), my sense of loyalty and friendship know no bounds.
If you are invited into easy intimacy with me, we must have a vision in common. Your vision needn’t mirror or duplicate mine, but there must be some common denominator which enables you to recognize the beauty of my unique dreams. I must be able to catch the passion of yours, and respect the sturdy simplicity of their construction.
I’m not giving up my dreams. .. READ MORE

Behind The Mask by © Vickie Bodie

The I as mirror by © wildwomenlove

You sat
in the conviction
of my abstinence


in the face
of your own addiction

I did not
only walked
by your side

You swam
in the loneliness
of your solitude


large stories
of your sexual exploits

as I kept my
long term relationship
small... READ MORE

Whilst you are here - do pop in and take a look at the work of Agnès Trachet - our Featured Artist for January. Her work is simply stunning.

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