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"The Flaw In Women" Pink Panther Sunday Features 23/1/11

The features today are inspired by the wonderful image from NumandisArt entitled A Woman’s Worth
With the image comes a poem, extolling the virtues of women, and the poem ends with the lines…

So, the features today are a reminder of the strengths that we posses, even in dire and extreme circumstances.

I apologise to all our writers that all the features are art this week. There were so many strong and powerful images that I had chosen twelve before I had realised. Next week I will choose twelve writers. Promise!!

a woman’s worth… by © NumandisArt

Melancholy, by Marlies Odenhal moved me. The pain and pathos on her face portrays so well the whole feelings of melancholy or sadness, and my heart went out to all our sisters who suffer from this. I also felt that the image simultaneously shows the strength that is inside, and enables us to get through and survive. Beautifully created using rich and passionate colours.

Melancholy by © Marlies Odenhal
Melancholy, by Marles Odenha

Deja Vu by the talented Dorina Costras also gives the feeling of sadness and time passing by. Once again however, the same feeling of strength below the surface. Beautifully painted in warm and subtle colours we are left in no doubt that this woman has been in this situation before, and will be there agin – but that she is strong and will triumph is not in doubt.

It is so great to see the art of Helene Ruiz in the feature gallery again. Helen is one of the most original and powerful artists that I have come across. In Hey, What’s the big idea we see a familiar theme of life being a game in which all the odds are stacked against us. The Joker at the top of the image smiling at his own mischief, looks downwards, master of all he surveys. But I can hear Helene responding with ” well, that what he thinks!”

Alice! Is that you!! In Da Bronx!!??
is self explanatory. Like all of her other work is is brimful with symbolism. It exudes life, love, disaster, renewal. I simply love it.

Alice! Is dat you!! In Da Bronx!!?? by © helene ruiz

Got Doubt by Anji Johnston explores the substance of doubt. It captured me, because we all doubt ourselves at times, and here, Anji made me feel that we do in fact have a choice to embrace the positives or the negatives. We are the mistress of our own destiny. I love it.

Got Doubt? by © Anji Johnston

A second feature for Marlies Odenhal with her amazing image Frankfurt Underground. It is a deeply atmospheric image showing the streetwalkers of the city. Thestreetwalkers are hazy and ill defined – but so powerful at the same time. It made me stop and reflect on the inner strength these women must need to survive the work day after day.

Frankfurt Underground by © Marlies Odehnal

The powerful image by Selkie entitled Dumb is another moving and strong image from her “Deaf, Dumb and Blind” series. This one is so powerful, and together with the others in the series, reminds us of the pain involved in not speaking out, not seeing and not hearing or understanding. Foe Selkie, this was, I think, a personal series, based on her experiences, but is stood out for me as an analogy for all the feminists who have found the strength and courage not to become deaf, blind or dumb about their own situations.

Dumb by © Selkie

And she sold home remedy medicine at the market
by madworld
is a wonderful image of an older woman, with all her life experience shining through. Again, a great example of the indomitable spirit of so many women. I love it.

The strength of women once again shines through the fabulous image Mother’s Love – Varanasi
by Tatum Wulff
In all Tatum’s travel photos we catch the most intimate glimpses of the lives of women in societies where life is hard. The women show a strength and depth that makes us want want to celebrate their courage.

Mother’s Love – Varanasi by © by © Tatum Wulff (image no longer on Redbubble)

by Geraldine (Gezza) Maddrell
is a great image, full of hope and determination. In Geraldine’s words, “There is something deep inside that longs to just surrender, let the struggle and self consciousness go”
I think we can all relate to that. A beautiful image.

Surrender by © Geraldine (Gezza) Maddrell

by Ming Myaskovsky
is an image of a woman that seems to express femininity and also determination. It expresses beauty, hope, vulnerability and strength. I love it.

Kasumi by © Ming Myaskovsky

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